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Inland/Inshore Commercial Diver Training

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20 days CSCUBA
20 days CSCUBA
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Course description

Inland/Inshore Commercial Diver Training (Level 1  – CSCUBA Diver)

First Learning Service Provider to be accredited to ISO 29993:2017 Standard

This course will train you to the required competencies certification as a commercial diver for commercial diving operations using Commercial Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (CSCUBA) (No decompression; maximum depth 30m).

The training standard is prepared by the Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC) in consultation with the Commercial Diving Association Singapore (CDAS). This standard is the minimum acceptable level of commercial diver training and certification required for such diving projects in Singapore. The training and assessment of commercial diver trainees is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislations, codes of practices, technical advisories and guidelines e.g. Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA), Code of Practice for Diving at Work (Singapore Standards SS511) and Technical Advisory (TA) for Inland/Inshore Commercial Diving Safety and Health.

To be certified as a CSCUBA commercial diver, the person must have completed all the relevant units for this level of training and certification awarded as outlined in this standard. It is the responsibility of the employer/contractor who engages the occupational divers to ensure the diving personnel are suitably trained and competent for the scope of work being carried out.

This training and certification of commercial divers, are the requirements of authorities and industry demand a prescribed degree of training and competence to ensure an adequate degree of safety and performance during occupational diving operations. With this standard, it provides the authorities, clients and contractors that certified commercial divers have attained the competencies to be employed as commercial divers.


This competency standard outlines the minimum requirements that must be achieved to ensure that occupational divers are trained / certified as competent commercial divers. This competency standard details the level of knowledge, theory requirements and practical application of the diving techniques needed by divers while using Commercial SCUBA (CSCUBA) to a maximum depth of 30m (99fsw) with no decompression diving.

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Suitability - Who should attend?


Suitable for individual who aspires to start a commercial diver career.


  • Inland Inshore survey / Inspection work
  • Inspection & ships husbandry (Light tasks only)
  • Aquarium Diving
  • Scientific Diving
  • Archeological Diving
  • Film & Media Diving


The trainee must be in possession of a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive (refer to Singapore Standards SS511) issued, after examination, by a doctor experienced in underwater medicine and who is trained and qualified in Underwater Medicine, basic and advanced courses in diving medicine or courses of a similar standard.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a competent swimmer.
  • Be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, decimals and simple fractions
  • Be able to calculate percentages; and transpose and solve simple formulas e.g. gas laws
  • Understands written and verbal communications (using English), and communicate easily with others (Note: This is particularly important where trainees or instructors are of differing nationalities)
  • Holds a certificate of MOM / ISO Occupational first aid (including CPR + AED) and Diving First Aid (Diving First Aid may be included in the training / assessment process)
  • Persons holding commercial diver certificates to this Standard may upgrade their diving qualifications by completion of all the remaining modules in this Standard to qualify for SSDE Diver certification.


Includes but not limited to Underwater inspection and photography; Environmental management; Scientific Diving; Aquaculture; Aquariums; Underwater film production; Police and emergency services rescue response.
Note: All dives are to be No Decompression diving


There will be individual assessment such as personal dive record, correct use of CSCUBA diving equipment and many group work activities to encourage teamwork. Candidates are assessed by examinations, written reports and practical assessment.

Upon successful completion and passed the diver training and competency assessment, the delegate will be awarded with KBA Training Centre “Certificate of Completion”.

Note: This Standard does not apply to diving operations conducted within the Offshore Oil & Gas industry.

Training Course Content

CORE Competency Units

  • Legislation and Standards
  • Diving Theory—Physics
  • Diving Theory: Physiology
  • Diving Procedures
  • Underwater and Surface Operational Hazards
  • Documentation and Records

SPECIFIC Competency Units

  • CSCUBA Diving equipment, Systems, Procedures and Practices
  • CSCUBA Practical Training and Assessment Diving

A minimum of 6 candidates are required to start the training.


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03 May 2019
Very knowledgeable Instructor

Trainer Mr. Rudy, Alan and Daniel are very knowledgeable.

03 May 2019
Trainers are good in explaining key concepts and complements each other

I enjoyed the interaction between instructors and students, sharing of their experiences to enrich the course materials. The instructor Daniel is able to clarify and explain key...

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20 Jul 2018

"Chamber dive is enjoyable as it's a good first-time experience."


Level 1 (CSCUBA Diver Training)
20 working days (120 hrs of practical, 40 hrs of theory including assessment)

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