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Aviation Fuels: Supply, Trading and Risk Management

Mennta Energy Solutions , In Singapore
3 days
3 days
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Course description

Aviation Fuels: Supply, Trading, and Risk Management is an instructor-led course presented by the energy training experts at Mennta Energy Solutions. This three-day workshop provides an overview of the supply, trading and risk management of the aviation fuels market. The course covers the key building blocks of knowledge for anyone needing to understand the jet fuel and aviation gasoline markets. Topics explored include the basics of aviation fuel production and refining processes, aviation fuels quality and specifications, market fundamentals of supply and demand, jet fuel trading, pricing mechanisms and the management of price risk. Delegates will get the chance to participate in industry case studies and trading and hedging simulations.

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Anyone who needs to know more about the aviation fuels market including those working in refining, marketing, distribution, trading, operations, risk management, purchasing, credit, finance, contracts and IT within an oil company, airline, airport or aviation authority.


Aviation fuel trading and pricing

  • Purposes of trading
  • Trading patterns and trade flows
  • Trading strategies, including arbitrage and use of storage
  • Factors driving aviation fuel prices
  • Pricing mechanisms and price sources
  • Contract terms

Fundamentals of supply and demand

  • Key refining processes used to produce aviation fuels
  • Factors affecting quality standards
  • Quality considerations and use of additives
  • Possible future quality trends including the development of synthetic aviation fuels
  • Refinery economics and trends
  • Demand characteristics: volumes and geographic distribution
  • Trade flows

Distribution and logistics

  • Aviation fuel distribution chain
  • Overview of marine transportation
  • Overview of pipeline transportation

Price exposure and risk management

  • Impact of price volatility on fuel costs
  • Types of risk, including price and basis risk
  • Exposure and risk measurement
  • Risk management and reasons for hedging
  • Tools for hedging:
    • Overview of futures and swaps
    • Options-based hedges: use of caps, floors, collars, call spreads and three-ways
    • Basis risk and the use of basis swaps

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