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Strategic Key Account Manager Training Course

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5 days
1,725 GBP excl. VAT
Next course start
01 Dec - 12 Dec, 2024 (+26 start dates)
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Classroom, Virtual Classroom
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Course description

Customers are vital to every business, which is why business-to-business companies employ means to build a continuous business with these customers. Strategic key account management is one of the means companies use to ensure optimal profitability for the accounts of managed customers. The Rcademy Strategic Key Account Manager Training Course is designed to provide participants with the needed skill set for the growth and maintenance of accounts in the long run. They will also learn the techniques and behaviors that spur the profitability of various accounts under their management. Also, this course espouses various strategies, tactics, and plans that lie at the core of key account management and guarantees the satisfaction of customers’ varying needs. Focus is also given to the management of existing accounts and how participants can ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What does a strategic key account manager do? 

A Strategic key account manager is responsible for maintaining and expanding relationships with key customers in a business. While maintaining relationships, a strategic key account manager is also expected to attain the sales quota and satisfy the strategic account objectives. In addition, it is the role of a strategic account manager to portray various products and services of a company to customers, monitoring the account planning cycle and ensuring that customers’ needs are met and satisfied.

Also, a strategic key account manager maintains relationships with other personnel concerned with customer accounts. They are also company personnel, resources, support, and service coordinators to satisfy account performance objectives and customer expectations. In the long run, they also initiate solution development ideas that satisfy customers’ needs while managing the involvement of other company personnel in account management.

What is the distinction between a key account manager and a sales manager? 

A key account manager plays different roles and is not the same as a sales manager. For one, a sales manager is only concerned with the short-term goal of initiating people into the business and service a company offers. Once a deal is locked, they transfer the new customer(s) to an account manager. Also, a key account manager is faced with a long-term goal of prioritizing the future by participating in joint projects with a customer, ensuring a customer achieves their objectives, and championing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The Strategic Key Account Manager Training Course by Rcademy will help individuals develop skills in account planning and management, including how to analyze customer data, develop account strategies, and measure account performance. Participants can learn how to identify new opportunities, negotiate contracts, and develop account plans that align with business goals.

Upcoming start dates

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11 Aug - 15 Aug, 2024

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  • Al Khobar

08 Jan - 26 Jan, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Barcelona

14 Apr - 16 Apr, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Doha

04 Mar - 08 Mar, 2024

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  • London

17 Jun - 28 Jun, 2024

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  • London

09 Sep - 20 Sep, 2024

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  • London

11 Nov - 29 Nov, 2024

  • Classroom
  • London

27 Oct - 31 Oct, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Manama

01 May - 03 May, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Nairobi

29 Jul - 31 Jul, 2024

  • Classroom
  • New York

10 Dec - 21 Dec, 2023

  • Classroom
  • Riyadh

01 Dec - 12 Dec, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Riyadh

26 Feb - 01 Mar, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Sharm El Sheikh

27 Nov - 01 Dec, 2023

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

20 Dec - 22 Dec, 2023

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

08 Jan - 12 Jan, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

15 Jan - 19 Jan, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

05 Feb - 13 Feb, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

08 Apr - 26 Apr, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

06 May - 10 May, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

19 Aug - 23 Aug, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

02 Sep - 20 Sep, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

23 Sep - 27 Sep, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

28 Oct - 01 Nov, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
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25 Nov - 29 Nov, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

23 Dec - 25 Dec, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

Suitability - Who should attend?

This Strategic Key Account Manager Training Course by Rcademy is designed to help attendees achieve the following outcomes:

  • Learn about essential account management skills and the application of key account tools
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the concept of key account management and its importance
  • Plan and implement customer classification and deployment of value and profit-breeding tactics
  • Learn how to build and lead a team that provides excellent long-term value for all accounts
  • Understand how to recruit key account managers, its prerequisites
  • Learn how to defeat price competition and margin maintenance
  • Learn how to draft a strategic key account plan
  • Identify the various decision-makers and how to influence them
  • Understand specifications and the practice of negotiation
  • Learn how to posture your company in the account
  • Understand the essence of effective key account team management

Training Course Content

Module 1: Background to Key Account Management

  • Definition and classification of key account
  • The importance of key account
  • Requirements for a successful key account manager
    – Organization’s standpoint
    – Personal standpoint
    – Skills and requisites
    – Understanding customer perception
  • Business opportunities
    – Opportunities galore
    – Sales details
    – Prioritizing opportunities

Module 2: Concept of Key Account Development Plan

  • Completion of a key account plan
  • Classification of accounts and assigning of resources
  • Understanding Customers’ Perception
  • Understanding customers’ decisions, processes, politics, and persuasion
  • Trust building with customers
  • Learning persuasion
  • Switching from ‘supplier’ to ‘trusted partner’

Module 3: Practice and Skills in Strategic Key Account Management

  • Solution selling
  • Key account management skills
    – Presentation and communication skills
    – Negotiation skills
    – Timing of communication
    – Message crafting
    – Communications application
  • Internal support
    – Organization of a team
    – Teamwork
    – Account meetings
  • Team management
    – Essential relationship management
    – Strategic responsibilities for distribution management
    – Productive dealer management
    – Goals harmonization
    – Partnering
    – Trust building and commitment in teams

Module 4: Key Account Implementation Strategy

  • Account objective setting
  • Resourcing key account management
  • Use of social media
  • Trust building
  • The syncing key account management plan

Module 5: Principles and Levels of Key Account Management

  • Effective Principles of key account management
  • Five levels of key account management
  • Construction of a key account strategy
  • Structuring a key account strategy
  • Application of Objectives and Strategies into Context
  • Customers’ setbacks and key success factors

Module 6: Key Account Strategy Management

  • Templates and tools for the construction of key account strategy
  • Tools for management and control of strategy
  • Building key account team
  • Employing colleagues from various disciplines to contribute to key account
  • Building and maintenance of motivation for key account strategy

Module 7: Leadership of Key Account Management Team

  • Features and Competencies of an ideal key account manager
  • Skills required for management of key and global accounts
  • Recruitment of ideal key account managers
  • Personality types of key account managers
  • Tutoring and training of key account managers

Module 8: Customer Capability Gaps

  • Understanding customer capability gaps
  • Finding capability gaps
  • Identification of influencers in key account
  • Creation and use of personas
  • Tackling competition in key account

Module 9: Key Account Analysis

  • Financial analysis of key account
  • Examination of competition between suppliers of key account
  • Pricing tactics of competitors
  • The concept of competitive advantage
  • Measurement of key account management performance
    – Framework for measuring performance
    – Compensation system and key account management performance
    – Motivation Theories for performance enhancement
    – Incentive models

Module 10: Global Practices of Key Account Management

  • Understanding global key account management practice
  • International and local key account management
  • Global strategies for key account management
  • Case reviews

Course delivery details

This course is participant-oriented and is curated to meet the specific needs and expectations of participants while broadening their horizons of knowledge and skills on the subject matter. Thus, seasoned professionals provide lectures on the course with both a theoretical and practical approach to ensure constant and active learning by participants. In addition, the course modules stem from in-depth, extensive, and relevant research on the subject matter.

The Rcademy Strategic Key Account Manager Training Course entails practical and theoretical learning by providing participants with slides, case studies, lecture notes, and real-life scenarios. Participants will also engage in interactive sessions, quizzes, seminar workshops, and feedback exercises on lessons learned to ensure optimal satisfaction.

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