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Average UK Salary | HR

Find out how much you can earn with a career in HR, including UK average salary data for the following jobs: HR managers, HR directors and HR administrators.

For those in full-time work, the UK Average Salary is £35,423 and £12,083 for those in part-time. HR Managers and HR Directors, therefore, earn nearly £21k over the average. Those who work in HR officer and HR administrator roles full-time earn between 9% and 36% below the UK national average.

Which HR jobs have the highest salary?

Unsurprisingly, managers and directors scooped the highest wages, with men in director and senior roles taking home nearly £10k more than their female counterparts (£61,774 for full-time men and £52,115 for full-time women). Combined,the average salary for those in senior HR positions sits at £55k, which is still £20,000 above what the average UK worker takes home in gross pay, and it looks even better for part time directors, who earn more than double the average part-time salary.


HR Average Salary - Full-time Jobs

HR Officers (including roles such as recruitment managers, training and development managers, compensation and rewards managers, and international resources managers) take home slightly lower than the national average, £35k for men and £29k for women in full-time roles. HR administrators were slightly lower in terms of the earning scale, with men and women earning an average full-time salary of £22k and a part-time salary of £12k.

Job Role

HR Managers and Directors

HR Officers

HR administrators

UK Average

Average Full-Time Salary





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Do men earn more than women in HR jobs?

The ONS estimated that across all roles surveyed, there was an average of 9.3% difference between men’s salaries and women’s salaries, with men earning this amount more than women per hour.

Women in HR Administrator roles, however, are working in one of the top 10 positions for female earnings, taking home a staggering 14% more per hour than their male counterparts. To put this in context, this is the 7th largest gap between men and women (whereby women take home more than men), beaten only by rail construction engineers, counsellors and those working in civil enforcement.

The pay gap for HR officers and directors was not so firmly in women’s favour, however they both fall well below the national average of 9.3%. For female directors, they earn on average 7.9% less per hour compared to men, and officers 5.9% less.

Job Role

HR Managers and Directors

HR Officers

HR administrators

UK Average

Male Full Time





Female Full Time





HR Average Salary - Part-time Jobs

The average UK salary for part-time work is £12,083 and roles in HR sit above this.

HR jobs working part-time took home significantly more than average: nearly £5k more (officers take home £16k part-time, which includes men and women.)

Job role

HR Managers and Directors

HR Officers

HR administrators

UK Average

Average part-time salary





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Source: ONS

Last updated: 30 Apr 2019

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