2023 Top 10 Law and Legal Courses

Unleash your legal potential with top instructors and cutting-edge curriculum.

2023 Top 10 Law and Legal Courses

In a society governed by rules and regulations, the study of law plays a vital role in ensuring justice, maintaining order, and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of individuals. Whether you aspire to become a skilled lawyer, a legal consultant, a law enforcement officer, or simply want to deepen your understanding of the legal system, delving into law and legal courses offers a remarkable journey of intellectual exploration and professional growth.

From constitutional law to criminal justice, contract law to human rights, this field encompasses a vast array of subjects that shape our legal framework and influence countless aspects of our lives. Take a law and legal course, and embark on an enlightening expedition through the intricacies of legislation, the art of argumentation, and the pursuit of truth and fairness. Unravel the mysteries of jurisprudence, develop critical thinking skills, and discover the profound impact that law has on society.

Whether you're a passionate advocate for justice or simply intrigued by the mechanisms that govern our legal system, law and legal courses will empower you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of law and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Browse our top ten most popular law and legal courses below, and prepare to embark on a journey where reason, ethics, and justice converge.


ICA Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention

International Compliance Association

  Delivery: Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 3 months

  Price: 645 GBP excl. VAT

Protect Organisations from Financial Crime

Gain a rock-solid understanding of core financial crime, fraud, bribery, and corruption risks with the International Compliance Association (ICA)'s practical ICA Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention. Explore cutting-edge fraud controls, uncover fraud typologies in banking, and discover international initiatives to combat bribery and corruption risks.

With the Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester awarding this course in association with ICA, you'll receive verifiable evidence of your learning. Elevate your expertise, protect organisations from financial crime, and proudly display the 'Cert. (FCA)' designation upon successful completion.

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Certificate in Maritime Law and Shipping Contracts

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy

  Delivery: Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 12 weeks

  Price: 1,899 GBP excl. VAT

Make a Splash in the Maritime Industry

Join Lloyd's Maritime Academy for an illuminating journey into the world of maritime law. Designed for legal and technical professionals in the shipping and logistics industry, this Certificate in Maritime Law and Shipping Contracts training course provides a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and shipping contracts.

Explore essential topics such as carriage of goods, marine insurance, and dispute resolution, equipping yourself with the expertise to excel in this dynamic field. With flexible part-time and distance learning options, this programme is tailored to fit your busy schedule. Prepare to navigate the seas of maritime law with confidence and unlock new opportunities for success.

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SaaS Contracts - The Legal Framework & Practical Implications - Learn Live

MBL Seminars Limited

  Delivery: Virtual Classroom

  Duration: 2 hours

  Price: From £121.50

Revolutionise Your Approach to SaaS Contracts

Join MBL Seminars Limited for a live and interactive online course that will transform your understanding of Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements. Led by expert speaker Jimmy Desai, this SaaS Contracts - The Legal Framework & Practical Implications - Learn Live session delves into the legal framework and practical implications of SaaS contracts.

Discover why businesses are embracing SaaS, learn to mitigate risks with crucial clauses, and explore practical considerations before entering into a SaaS contract. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to enhance your expertise and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic world of IT agreements. 

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General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer School

Euromoney Learning

  Delivery: Classroom

  Duration: 5 days

  Price: 5,295 GBP excl. VAT

Step Into the Spotlight of Success as a Visionary Legal Leader

Unleash your potential by joining Euromoney Learning for an intensive five-day programme designed exclusively for legal leaders. The General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer School empowers you to meet the evolving demands of business executives and become a true partner in the business.

Gain essential commercial and non-legal skills to excel as an in-house lawyer while engaging in interactive sessions, networking, and sharing experiences with fellow participants and the Course Director. Whether you're a first-time leader, a seasoned professional, or considering a transition from private practice, this transformative programme equips you to achieve personal growth, enhance team effectiveness, and make a lasting organisational impact.

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Legal Administration Course – CPD Accredited


  Delivery: Self-Paced Online

  Duration: Contact provider for more information

  Price: 499 GBP excl. VAT

Elevate Your Legal Career

Unlock your potential as a Legal Administrator with Souters' comprehensive Legal Administration Course. Whether you're looking to enhance your CV, secure a job as a Legal Administrator, or consolidate your skills as a Legal Assistant, this course is designed to boost your career options.

Develop the practical abilities to work efficiently in Legal Administration roles while building confidence and efficiency on the job. With an ACLS Certificate upon completion, you'll expand your job prospects, and open doors to higher-level positions. 

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Certificate in Contract Development, Negotiation & Management (CCDNM™)


  Delivery: Contact provider for more information

  Duration: 5 days

  Price: $3,500 (excl. VAT). Early bird and group discounts available.

 Become a Trusted Leader in Contract Development and Management

Designed for professionals in contract management, law, procurement, and more, Innoverto's accredited course provides a practical and immersive learning experience. Gain practical skills and in-depth knowledge to navigate the complexities of contract negotiation and effectively manage contracts on a global scale. 

From establishing objectives to drafting and cross-cultural considerations, this interactive Certificate in Contract Development, Negotiation & Management programme covers every aspect of the contracting process. Earn the internationally recognised CCDNM™ certificate and demonstrate your expertise in effective contract structuring, negotiation, and risk management. 

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Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance

The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland

  Delivery: Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 6 to 9 months

  Price: 1,663 GBP

Lead with Confidence in Governance Matters

Supercharge your career with the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance from The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland. This internationally-recognised qualification empowers you to advise decision-makers on governance issues across sectors. Gain the expertise to develop effective governance practices, foster stakeholder dialogue, and ensure compliance with legal obligations and best practices. As a Level 6 qualification, it equips you with in-depth knowledge and skills to thrive in corporate governance roles.

Upon completion, you become eligible for Affiliated membership, connecting you with a vibrant community of governance and compliance professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your career and become a trusted authority in corporate governance. 

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Employment Law - CPD Certified

Maguire Training

  Delivery: Virtual Classroom, Self-Paced Online, In Company

  Duration: 2 days

  Price: Contact provider for more information

Level up Your Employment Law Expertise

Master the intricacies of employment law with the CPD Certified course offered by Maguire Training. Gain a solid foundation in employment law essentials and avoid the costly pitfalls that can arise from neglecting this critical area.

Designed for supervisors and managers, whether new to the role or seeking a refresher, this course provides a solid foundation in the principles and rights of employment law. Earn 12 CPD points as you delve into topics like compensation rules, discrimination laws, contract writing, tribunal procedures, and more. 

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2002 ISDA Master Agreement

Derivatives Documentation Limited

  Delivery: Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 30 hours

  Price: 475 GBP excl. VAT

Deepen Your Knowledge of the Influential 2002 ISDA Master Agreement

Gain a full understanding of the 2002 ISDA Master Agreement with this online course offered by Derivatives Documentation Limited, through self-study modules and insightful commentary that covers its clauses, common provisions, and associated legal and credit issues.

Designed for ISDA negotiators, legal counsel, documentation specialists, and professionals new to ISDA documentation negotiation, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate this complex agreement. Whether you're a risk manager, collateral management specialist, or part of the front, middle, or back office team, this course provides valuable insights for understanding and working with ISDA documentation effectively.

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Legal Aspects of Purchasing

PMS - Purchasing Management Services

  Delivery: Classroom

  Duration: 2 days

  Price: 695 GBP excl. VAT

Enhance Your Legal Expertise for Purchasing Success

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects of purchasing through this specialised course on the Legal Aspects of Purchasing delivered by PMS - Purchasing Management Services. Designed to bridge the gap between legislation and practical procurement scenarios, it equips delegates with the knowledge to navigate legal complexities in purchasing goods and services effectively.

With a focus on contract formation and robust contract management, the course provides practical guidance and real-life examples for creating stronger contracts. This course is suitable for purchasing professionals at all levels, including those responsible for contracting and placing purchase orders, as well as individuals involved in the procurement process across various departments.

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Carol Pang is a Content Manager for findcourses.co.uk. Prior to this, she has 12 years of experience in the corporate and financial sectors.  She believes that people are fundamental to an organisation’s success and that effective training can create a motivated and engaged workforce.