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MBL Seminars Limited

MBL Seminars Limited

MBL is a leading learning and development provider for professional service firms. Over the past 18 years, more than 198,000 people across 23,000 different organisations spanning 81 countries, have chosen us to deliver their training.

With over 800 expert speakers covering more than 2,500 different topics, our training portfolio is vast and is delivered predominantly online. We are proud to be trusted to provide training to some of the largest and smallest organisations in the UK.

Our clients span a wide variety of industry sectors including law, accountancy, architecture, charities, construction, corporations, engineering, estate agents, financial services, local authorities, surveying, universities and many more.

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Professional Training
Legal Ethics Length Price Location Reviews
Ethics for Law Firms - An Essential Update - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
Law & Legal
'Deliberate’ Deprivation for Social Care - When Can A Gift Be Made? - Webinar 0.5 hours Online
‘Boiling the Frog’ - How To Be Successful in Sponsoring Change Projects - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
‘Brexit’ - What Does it Mean for Extradition Law? - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
‘Classic’ Inventive Step - The Important Issues for IP Lawyers & Patent Attorneys - Webinar 1 hour Online
‘Deliberate’ Deprivation for Social Care - A Guide for Private Client Professionals with Caroline Bielanska - Learn Live 1 hour Online
‘Green’ Environmental Claims - How to Comply with Consumer Protection Rules - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
‘Handbag Divorces’ - Dealing with the Division of Luxury Items on Divorce - Webinar 0.5 hours Online
‘Hidden Disabilities’ - Exploring the Knowledge Requirement in Disability Discrimination Claims - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
‘Hot Tubbing’ of Experts - A Guide to Good Practice - Webinar 1 hour Online
‘I’ll Be Back’ - Applications to Reopen Confiscation Orders under POCA - Learn Live 3 hours Online
‘In It Together’ - An Introduction to Conspiracy & Joint Enterprise for Criminal Lawyers - Learn Live 1.5 hours Online
‘Lending Green’ - ESG & Sustainable Finance in the Housing Sector - Webinar 0.5 hours Online
‘Lifestyle’ Farm Purchases & Estate Planning - The Pros & Cons Explored - Learn Live 3 hours Online
‘Long Covid’ - Key Issues & Best Practice for Employment & HR Professionals - Webinar 1 hour Online
‘Moving in Together’ - The Latest Guidance for Conveyancers - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
‘Non-Damage’ Business Interruption Insurance - The Latest Guidance - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
‘POCA’ Basics - An Introduction to Restraint, Confiscation and Forfeiture - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
‘Ransom Strips’ - A Guide for Real Estate Professionals - Webinar 1 hour Online
‘Ransom Strips’ - An Introduction for Real Estate Professionals - Learn Live 1 hour Online
‘Repos’ & Financial Markets - Examining the Global Master Repurchase Agreement - Learn Live 3 hours Online
‘SOSR’ Dismissals - Removing the Uncertainty for Employment & HR Professionals - Learn Live 2 hours Online
(Un)Acceptable Language in the Workplace - All You Need to Know - Learn Live 1.5 hours Online
(Un)Acceptable Language in the Workplace - Your Questions Answered - Webinar 0.5 hours Online
10 Problem Areas in Civil Litigation - Live with Dominic Regan - Learn Live 1.5 hours Online
1954 Act Renewal Terms - Practical Lessons from Recent Case Law - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
1975 Act Claims - How to Determine the Value of the Net Estate - Learn Live 1.5 hours Online
2022 & 2023 SRA Accounts Rules Audits - Lessons Learned - Learn Live 1.5 hours Online
2024 Compliance for Law Firms - How to Avoid SRA Enforcement - Learn Live 1.5 hours Online
2024 Hot Topics in International Tax - A Year of Change - Learn Live 3 hours Online
25 Things To Know About Capital Allowances - Learn Live 2 hours Online
3D Printing & IP Rights - An Introduction to the Key Issues - Webinar 1 hour Online
5 Common Conveyancing Assumptions Clients Make - Live at Your Desk - Learn Live 3 hours Online
5 Key Conveyancing Myths - A Roundup with Hannah Mackinlay - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
5 Key Things You Need Know About Customs Duty in the UK & the EU - Webinar 1.3 hours Online
A - Z of Employment Law - A 2 Day Workshop - Learn Live 12 hours Online
A Beginner's Guide to Drafting Great Board Minutes for Private Limited Companies - Learn Live 1.5 hours Online
A Beginner’s Guide to Excel Formulas - Webinar 1 hour Online
A Bite-Sized Guide to Bankruptcy - Suspension of Discharge, Trustee’s Powers & More - Webinar 0.5 hours Online
A Bite-Sized Guide to Claims by Adult Children under the 1975 Act - Webinar 0.5 hours Online


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