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More about Finance Training Courses in Banking and Investment

Investment and Banking

While investment is the principle of allocating money in a manner which may result in the exponential growth of that initial sum of money, banking refers to the financial institutions and systems which manage and secure the private and public moneys as well as play a role in the local, national and global economies. When these two forces meet in investment banking, it refers to the process by which banking institutions acquire capital for external parties via securities and other processes, such as mergers & acquisitions or trading.

Exploring training & courses

Investment banking covers many areas within the financial departments and strategies of companies, and worldwide banks. As a core component in corporate fund raising strategies, companies use the investment banking division to help them raise capital through issuing shares or bonds as well as deal with mergers and acquisitions. In the capital marketing division, investment bankers trade bonds, stocks and other financial products (so-called securities). The types of securities available are numerous and in constant evolution, according to financial and investment trends and regulations. New types of securities may also entry the market or become popular at any time. For this reason, investment bankers are able to provide their clients with whatever types of securities they prefer or will suit them best.

Courses in Banking & Investment

When it comes to success as an investment banker, hard work, a knack for numbers and creativity go a long way. Training programmes in investment banking are designed to do three things: teach delegates about the principles and practicalities of investment banking, provide a framework for understanding and keeping up with regulations and helping delegates achieve the creative and ambitious state of mind required to succeed in investment banking. In particular, programmes promote the qualities of flexibility, innovativeness and client handling skills.

Who are these courses for?

Training courses in investment and banking are of interest to central banks and financial regulators. Courses are specially designed to equip delegates with the means to tackle the challenges they face and, allow free debate of sensitive issues in a confidential environment. Training courses also cover topical issues which matter the most to central bankers and regulators, and are designed to keep financial players up-to-date, current and topical. Additionally, investment and banking courses aim to de-mystify banking and finance, its players, markets, regulations and operating practices, so that delegates gain an invaluable insight and understanding of the world of banking and finance, including the background and development of the current financial crisis. In addition to this, specialist banking courses for religions are available, as some religious laws, for example in Islam, require adaptations to fulfil their laws. 
Regulatory compliance training is becoming very important and trainees are likely to have to take examinations to qualify to work with clients. Banking and investment professionals in management teams may benefit from specialist courses where necessary.

Professional Bodies for Banking and Investment

There are a number of professional institutes for bankers and investment professionals, that vary depending on the area of specialisation, including The Chartered Institute of Bankers, The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and other professional accountancy bodies. The regulatory framework set up under the Financial Services Authority have special examinations for those dealing with investment or securities business. These institutions may require that you fulfil a certain number of CPD hours each year. You can find a complete listing of finance CPD courses to develop your career in banking and investment.

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