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More about IOSH - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

Founded in 1945, IOSH is the premier accrediting and chartered body for health and safety training. With over 35,000 members,  IOSH is not only the largest health and safety body in the UK but also in the entire world.

IOSH is committed to providing the most comprehensive health and safety courses and maintaining the highest standards. As such, when employees, students, or managers participate in a IOSH accredited training course, they will know that they are receiving the best training possible.

There are three main types of IOSH courses available and these are:

  • Leading Safely courses. These are suitable for Senior Management or anyone in a leadership position. Organisations realise the value in having a safe working environment and healthy staff. It is essential to have a sound strategy for improving and maintaining the highest safety standards in your organisation. These courses focuses on exactly that.
  • Managing Safely courses. These courses are suitable for managers and supervisors and provide detail instructions around how to ensure a safe working environment for employees.
  • Working Safely courses. These courses target all employees and stresses the importance of occupational health and safety and demonstrates how participants can enhance safety in their environments.

It is imperative for all working individuals to attend these courses to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to secure their safety and well-being at work. Organisations have to promote this training to ensure they constantly improve their safety standards.

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Autoglass Case Study
Alistair Bromhead

"The training was extremely beneficial, tailored to our needs and run in a very interactive manner.... participants have been well equipped to deliver training to our handlers.”

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