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Office Management & Administration Courses

Office Management Courses

Effective office management is essential for the daily operations of any business and includes tasks such as financial planning, bookkeeping, billing, record keeping and the management of personnel, distribution and other aspects of logistics. Training programmes in office management and administration courses prepare delegates with the technical and social abilities to succeed in this role.

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Audio Typing - Level 2
Pitman Training Group
15 hours
Multiple (58)
This is the best choice for those who want to achieve audio typing skills to the OCR Text Processing Level...
Secretarial & PA Training – Online
Global Edulink
20 hours
35 GBP
Working as a Personal Assistant or Secretary can be rewarding and well paid, and many businesses offer perks to their...
Typaz Professional
Pitman Training Group
42 hours
Multiple (58)
This course from Pitman is designed to give participants the skills to touch type with greater speed and accuracy. The...
School Leaver Diploma for PAs
3 months
1,699 GBP
This School Leavers Diploma has been developed by Souters based on popular demand. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive...
Business Document Production
Pitman Training Group
6 to 8 hours
Multiple (58)
Whether part of secretarial training or another potential role, text processing is an key aspect of producing business documents. Since...
Advanced Corporate Legal Advisers and Chartered Company Secretaries
London Corporate Training Ltd
2 weeks
3,950 GBP
This two week long course in Advanced Corporate Legal Advisers and Chartered Company Secretaries is an in depth training programme...
Minute Taking Made Easy
Activia Training
1 day
This intensive one day training course has been designed to develop an understanding of the role of a minute taker,...
Minute Taking Made Easy
Activia Training
1 day
199 GBP
Multiple (9)
This intensive one day training course has been designed to develop an understanding of the role of a minute taker,...
Minute Taking Made Simple
Hemsley Fraser
1 day
569 GBP
Multiple (5)
This one day course will make minute taking a breeze. You will learn some simple yet incredibly effective techniques that...
Medical Receptionist Diploma
Pitman Training Group
6 weeks
Multiple (58)
This Medical Receptionist Diploma programme is designed to make you the best front of house receptionist or administrator in a medical...
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Displaying 251-260 of 260 results

Office Management Courses for Administrators, Secretaries and Personal Assistants

Office administration is a critical and fundamental aspect of any business or organisation. Within this spectrum, secretaries, personal assistants (PAs) and office administrators are responsible for a variety of tasks in relation to management support, financial management, record keeping payroll and personnel management. As companies varying in their operations, requirements and resources, administrative tasks can differ from company to company. In specific terms, an administrative role encompasses financial planning, bookkeeping, recordkeeping, organisational management and duties associated with supporting their employing managers. For success in this role, administrators require skills in project management, time management, communication, organisation, bookkeeping and more.

The Evolution of Office Management & Administration

Before the introduction of computer technology and office administration software, administrative, secretarial and PA roles were primarily related to correspondence, operating the reception of offices and assisting management with support tasks.

Today, technology and office software have simplified the duties of administrative professionals, allowing them to become more efficient and take on a larger role in an organisation. This translates into a modern administrator who handles correspondence by email, phone and in person as well as helps manage the finances, payroll and logistics of an organisation. The role of administrator has never been so multi-faceted as it is today.

What is effective office management?

With more than 5 million people employed in office administration in the UK, there have been plenty of opportunities to figure out what works. Effectively, effective office management is efficient, friendly and productive. That is, administrative work encompasses both technical tasks as well as social communication with personnel, managers and clients regarding these tasks. Accordingly, these tasks and communications must be carried out in a timely manner and with sufficient results. Reflectively, the demand for skilled secretaries, office managers and personal assistants is set to rise in the coming year, resulting in an increasing need for quality and diversified training.

Training and Courses in Office Management

Courses and training programmes for secretaries, administrators and PAs typically cover administrative tasks on a general level or focus on one core aspect of administrative work, such as recordkeeping. In the grand scale of task-focused training, delegates of these courses can choose to study courses on audio typing, business writing, creating documents, customer service, health and safety, office software, minute taking, human resources and hone their management skills through management courses.

General courses on office admin are typically built into a larger qualification certificate or dimploma. These comprehensive programmes are usually divided by administrative tasks and can be targeting towards specific industries such as the health or legal industries or towards certain administrative positions, such as secretaries or executive PAs.

Who will benefit from office management training and courses?

As office management is fundamental to any business or organisation, everyone in a position that involves administration of some kind will benefit from professional business administration training. This can refer to professionals who have been recently appointed or promoted to a higher administrative position or newcomers to office administration. Training will also suit experienced individuals moving from specialist roles such as receptionist to wider administrative positions.

Find yourself in short of time to enroll for a long term course, but still interested exploring opportunities in the field of office management? Check these short office management courses.