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What is a singing course?

Singing courses take the shape of hands-on and practical workshops, intended to fully inspire and build your confidence when performing on stage, by providing you with all the necessary knowledge, skills, and tips required to improve your overall talent and make you sing like an angel! 

Generally, these courses consist of in-depth practical sessions, workshops, studio visits, as well as performances in front of live audiences, which will help you build and develop as many skills as possible, both on stage as well as behind the scenes. 

Throughout, great emphasis is given to group work and collaborations, with the aim of providing you with a more realistic view of the world of singing. When it comes to the final grades, formal assessment is carried out on the aforementioned practical work.

Why should you take up a singing course?

If you’ve only recently discovered this passion for singing, or have been dreaming of becoming the next Mariah Carey ever since you were a child, then this is the time for you to take action!

A quick search through our search engine will help you find and choose from over 100 singing courses, from introductory courses to advanced ones, you will definitely find something that ideally suits you and your goals.

What and how will you learn throughout these singing courses?

A performing arts course is generally comprised of several areas which teach you all there is to know about the area, and together, will get you all geared up and ready for the world of theatre. Some of the core aspects covered include:

  • The basics of singing (styles, voice ranges, and techniques)
  • Performance workshops
  • The business side of a singing career (i.e. working with an agent)
  • Rehearsing and performing on stage
  • Breathing and vocal training
  • Singing solo as well as in groups
  • Basics of studio manipulation

Following the completion of the curriculum, you will be assessed through public performances (e.g. small gigs) as well as internal assessments (e.g. auditions and technique assignments).

By the end, you will therefore have learned how to:

  • Properly warm up before singing
  • Master voice techniques
  • Be aware of your voice and what its capacity
  • Develop an understanding of a range of music, song styles and structures
  • Adopt different styles of song
  • Experiment with different musical arrangements and song styles
  • Recognise the more common musical terms and symbols to aid singing
  • Perform in a concert
  • Be aware of employment opportunities in the entertainment industry and produce a portfolio of audio evidence demonstrating skill development

Where can you take singing classes, and how much do they cost?  

From institutions to universities, these courses are often offered in various ways and locations, giving you the option to choose the one that best suits you.

Fees for these courses differ greatly too, so you shouldn't think twice about signing up, even if you are on a limited budget − we have a course at any price point! 

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