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Offering great access to universities and colleges as well as excellent road and rail links to nearby countries such as France and Germany, Switzerland is an excellent place to seek professional development.
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What types of training courses are available in Switzerland?

Training providers based in Switzerland deliver a fantastic assortment of training programmes, designed to improve the credentials of delegates from a host of different working backgrounds.Professional development in areas such as finance and business are abundant here as some of Switzerland's biggest cities have strong connections with international business empires. Banking is a very common occupation in Switzerland and politics is a path that many citizens here choose as well.

In Geneva, delegates can choose to enrol on training courses such as finance, business and management, technical training for the energy industry. Zurich offers a wide variety of training courses and professional development can be pursued throughout business areas, such as risk assessment, business analysis and corporate finance.

There are also dozens of training courses which are based nationwide, meaning they can be undertaken on an in-house basis: training providers in this region can deliver training at the commissioning company's offices or at a dedicated training location. This distance learning or blended learning methods designed by expert Swiss training providers offer many advantages, especially for delegates with busy lifestyles.

How are the courses delivered?

As many of these training courses are classroom based, participants can enjoy a learning curve like no other. They are fast paced as most of these professional development courses last just a few days, meaning a wealth of information will be squeezed into very little time. Virtual classrooms via online learning programmes are usually delivered in a number of three hour segments, giving participants plenty of free time to assess and evaluate what they have learned. All courses are highly intensive and are designed to deliver maximum results.

Blended learning technologies available

The online professional development courses utilise state of the art technology, allowing candidates to remain in direct contact with their lecturer as well as their fellow pupils. This method of learning has become increasingly popular for many, as it saves on the costs accumulated by travelling and lodging. It also enables participants to deal with any responsibilities at home simultaneously.

What is included in the price

In the physical/ open classroom environment, delegates can expect to receive a high standard of tuition combined with a pleasant classroom atmosphere. Lunch and refreshments are often provided on the day and discounts are available on some courses.

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