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Fitness Instructing Level 2 Certificate (City of Oxford College)

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Course description

The Level 2 Fitness Instructing Certificate teaches you the practical skills and scientific knowledge you'll need to train and support your clients and help them realise their fitness goals! Fitness instructors have very important jobs within the fitness industry, which can be highly lucrative!

Providing fitness instructing services is a rewarding and responsible role, and you can apply the skills within a range of different environments. This qualification also develops transferable skills, such as communication and problem-solving.

We understand that everyone has their own preferred learning style and that some need more time than others to understand the material. Our teachers use our award-winning Learning Philosophy to make sure your studies are fun, relevant to you and practical.

What can you do with Level 2 Fitness Instructing Certificate?

Below is a list of some (although not all) of the activities and roles you could perform once you graduate from this course.

Understand the human body

This is a crucial element to working in the fitness industry as it requires you to work with the human body in a safe and healthy way.

Instruct and evaluate one-to-one fitness programmes

While you will not yet be able to write these programmes at Level 2, you will be able to handle the initial stages of discussing in general the short- and long-term goals of the customer. This can help determine what exercises and equipment will help them achieve their goals.

Modify exercises

Due to muscle weakness, disability, or pain, a client may not be able to perform a particular exercise or use a certain machine. Therefore, you'll learn how to advise on how to do similar exercises to target the same goals.

Advise on progression

As all fitness buffs know, everyone eventually reaches a plateau in their health journey. You'll learn how to give excellent advice to clients on how they can progress with and exceed their goals.

Inspire and encourage potential customers

On the Level 2 Fitness Instructing course, you'll learn market and promote a business. While you might not use it as much in a gym setting, if you want to progress and become a personal trainer (see Progression below) then being able to market your business is essential.

Lead Group Exercise Classes

While a gym instructor may not be qualified to tailor one-on-one programs with members, they can conduct exercise classes for a group of people within a gym.

Gym Inductions

A gym induction is not just demonstrating equipment and showing a member where the lockers are; there is actually a lot more involved! This makes it an important part of Level 2 Fitness Instructing course. Upon graduation from this course, you will be able to demonstrate the safe operation of exercise machines and equipment. You could also potentially offer general advice in relation to a client's goals.

Identify and control risk factors (including demonstrating gym equipment)

You'll gain industry-specific knowledge of health and safety practices and be able to ensure the safety of your customers and gym-goers. It is vital for all gym users to understand the correct use of all the machinery and equipment within the gym to avoid serious injury.

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Suitability - Who should attend?

You will only need to be 16 years of age or above and have an interest in working within the fitness industry.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

The terms ‘Gym Instructor' and ‘Personal Trainer' are often used interchangeably by those outside the fitness industry, but in reality, they are two different roles.

Personal Trainers provide personalised training programs for clients, as well as provide advice on weight management, rehabilitation, and injury prevention, whereas Gym Instructors can only check and advise on these pre-existing programs, as well as perform the duties described above.

This Level 2 Certificate is a great step towards the role of Personal Trainer. It will enable you to find employment within the industry and thereby gain the practical experience that can help you on a Level 3 course.

You'll need to build your knowledge on advanced human anatomy and physiology, nutritional principles, designing and tailoring training programs for individuals–including providing safe and effective training for people with disabilities–and expand your experience in marketing and the business side of the fitness industry.

You will need at least a Level 3 training qualification to be able to call yourself a Personal Trainer.

Training Course Content

You'll learn about human anatomy and physiology, including circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems, health and safety, exercise programme construction and delivery, how to motivate clients, as well as marketing and business promotion.

You will learn and complete three units:

  • anatomy and physiology for exercise
  • health, safety, and welfare
  • principles of exercise, fitness, and health
  • know how to support your client
  • planning gym-based exercise
  • instructing gym-based exercise

Course delivery details

You will learn in our excellent, professional-standard facilities through a mixture of practical and theory-based sessions utilising:

  • case studies
  • discussion groups
  • lectures on the core content

Successful completion helps you to seek employment (paid or unpaid) as a fitness instructor within the fitness environment. You could also progress to the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.

Assessment is through the development of a portfolio of evidence, two worksheets, two one-hour multiple-choice exams, continuous assessment, and practical assessment.


You don't necessarily need a first-aid qualification for a fitness instructor job. This course will teach you the necessary health and safety knowledge to ensure that both you and your customers can exercise safely during your time in the gym (or other workplaces).

However, a first aid qualification can give you a competitive advantage when looking for employment!

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