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SQL and Database Administration

Databases are incredibly important for a variety of reasons, including organising and storing very complex figures and data. Without such databases and servers, businesses would be unable to efficiently and effectively operate. Due to the imperative nature of database management, training is becoming increasingly vital to ensure business success. By participating in database courses, participants can launch desirable and successful careers, and stay competitive in this quickly evolving field.

Database courses give individuals the opportunity to learn how to manage complex relational databases while tailoring those solutions to real world scenarios. This will increase your employment marketability, proving to be a vital asset to any staff.

Database courses are designed to cover the following areas:

  • Memory structure and processes
  • How to create a database
  • Security and protecting data
  • Managing space

Database courses can vary in content and can be specially tailored to those working from an administrative point of view, including application developers, database and systems administrators, staff for technical support, programmers.

Being a cross platform operating system, there are many types of training courses available including Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM, Linux, Netapp. 

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  • Cisco - Configure, operate and troubleshoot the complex networks that facilitate business operations
  • IT Security - Protect your electronic sensitive data against hackers and online threats
  • ITIL - Develop and implement IT management & technical support for IT services