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More about Network and Server Administration Courses

Simply put, a network is a collection of computers and other devices (printers, routers, etc.) that are connected and interact via electronic communication. These connections allow for the flow of information and resources between connected devices.

Various types of networks methods include:

  • LAN - Local Area Networks
  • MAN - Metropolitan Area Networks
  • WAN - Wide Area Networks
  • Wireless WAN and LAN

Which can be connected through the internet, intranet or extranet.

Generally, a server is a intermediary computer that links interacting devices in a network. There are various types of servers incuding  web and e-mail servers for example. Today, server functionality has become so complex and varied that there are many very individuals needed in this growing feild.

Network & Server Training Courses

One of the most popular networking courses is certification in CompTIA Network+. This course aims to inform individuals of various elements regarding hardware and operating systems. If students are pursuing a CompTIA technical career path, the CompTIA A+ essentials or fundmentals courses are the perfect first steps toward preparing for the CompTIA Network+ certification.

The growing need for reliable networks means that there are becoming more jobs dealing with neworks and servers. As such, companies require people with extensive knowledge in network technology to assist in the development and maintenance of the advanced systems that keep their businesses running.  Jobs in this growing field include, but are not limited to, network engineers, IT consultants, IT coordinators and network professionals.


Paving the way for network, security, routing, and voice application technology, Cisco systems is an important player in the technology field. Courses in Cisco systems enable delegates to obtain important knowledge leading to a successful career.

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