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Last updated: 07/04/2021

What Does Lifelong Learning Mean? How Can It Help You?

Are you curious about the idea of lifelong learning? Do you want to know how lifelong learning can not only improve your life but also benefit your company? Read this article to discover the meaning of lifelong learning, why it’s important, and the benefits of lifelong learning. 

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Last updated: 09/04/2021

Top 10 Online Digital Skills Courses

Stay up-to-date while preparing for the future workplace with digital skills training. Browse our top 10 online digital skills courses to enhance your career! 

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Last updated: 31/03/2021

Top 6 Skills for New Managers

Whether you’re an aspiring manager or settling into your first management position, this article covers the top 6 skills that you’ll need to succeed. We asked managers and leaders from across a range of industries which top skills they believed to be the most important for a new manager to learn. Read on to discover what you should focus on as a new manager and why. 

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Last updated: 14/04/2021

How Does Lifelong Learning Help Your Career Development?

Instilling a commitment to lifelong learning at a team level will help you and those around you commit to self-development; and here are 4 great reasons to do this.

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Last updated: 24/02/2021

Why Should You Recruit Entry-Level Employees?

In this article, we highlight four major benefits that entry-level workers bring to your organisation, and the top four skills to look for when recruiting entry-level employees.

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Last updated: 16/02/2021

5 Essential Skills Every Entry-Level Employee Needs

Looking to nab your first job? Or perhaps you've managed to get your foot through the door and now worry you won't shine in your new role? In this article, we'll go through 5 skills that are essential for every entry-level employee to both get a job and succeed once you're in it!

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Last updated: 19/01/2021

How to stay visible and get promoted when working from home

It's long been assumed that remote working and ambition don't go hand in hand. Why? Because when you work from home, you're less visible. Let's look at how to change that perception: and how to get that promotion!

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Last updated: 20/01/2021

How to Streamline Your Inbox (and Stop Letting Your Emails Pile Up)

The inbox - so important, but oh so time consuming. Or, must it be? With the right tricks, you have the opportunity to transform your inbox from a time-consuming, stressful beast to an effective helper in your working day. We have put together five tips that can help you have a more efficient working day.

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Last updated: 13/02/2020

3 Skills You Need Today for the Jobs of the Future

Starting with the mid-nineteenth century, humanity has entered a phase of exponential technological growth, at a rate we could hardly expect. It’s hard to predict the technical peculiarities of future jobs, just as it was almost impossible to explain to a person from the 1980s what an SEO specialist is.  Today, we can only give more or less credible job market predictions for no more than 10 ...
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Last updated: 25/03/2021

Creating Your Personal Development Plan for 2021

Everyone goes through stages where they aren’t quite sure where to go next - and that is fine! However, it can be helpful to work out how you want to grow and what you want to achieve. And, that is just what you will do in a personal development plan. To put it simply, it is a written piece covering your action plan for the future with development goals.
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U.K. L&D Report: 2019 - Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

Are you curious about the L&D strategies of some of the U.K.'s top companies?

Find out what they're up to in's second annual U.K. L&D Report!


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