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More about Professional training for executive personal assistants

Areas of training for executive assistance

Executive personal assistance is the area of office administration that focuses on the internal coordination of the mangers and the tasks strategy for external communication with the partners. From task planning, prioritization, dialogue with the media representatives, the work of a personal or executive assistant is to keep the manager updated, organised and synchronised with all the management actions in

Training for executive PAs/EAs improves the response time to all administration tasks connected to the manager's agenda. As an executive assistant you will be permanently acquainted with the business priorities of the company and its PR strategy and even act as a spokesperson in meetings or press conferences.

Related areas of training

Office administration is an increasingly popular area of training for professionals in the UK. The courses in administration prepare the candidates in a wide range of activities connected to  efficiency at the work place. Personal assistants are goal-oriented, motivational co-workers with an eye for detail and problem-solving skills that contribute to the public image of the company and the positive team dynamics in the office. From internal communication, task management, public relations to maintaining healthy business ethics, training in office administration supports the managerial performance of any company. 

IT proficiency in software for office administration is another practical area of training for executive personal assistants that connects to their need to stay updated with the latest technologies and enable the fastest information transfer between the management structures.

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