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Presentations & Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentations are an inevitable aspect of any professional role. Despite being difficult at times, presentations are an excellent opportunity to showcase one’s work, speak one’s mind and persuade others of their value and the value of their ideas and talent.

Beyond preparation and skills in communication, presentations can be made easier with effective visual aids. Slide shows created with Microsoft PowerPoint effectively dominate the field of quality visual aids. With Microsoft PowerPoint, visual aids become dynamic and flexible - It’s users can create virtually any effect in endless variations.

PowerPoint has been around in various forms since 1987 (for Mac OS) and since 1990 (for Microsoft Windows). During this time, it has grown to become an almost industry standard visual aid for presentations, and is used by governments, universities and many more.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Developed by Microsoft in the early 1990’s, Microsoft PowerPoint changed the face of visual aids for presentations. What used to be posters, brochures and projections suddenly became interesting digital renditions with the possibility for audio and visual elements.

As an extraordinarily efficient product, Microsoft Powerpoint has allowed professionals to save time which would otherwise be dedicated to producing more traditional forms of visual aids. The programme has also maximised the possibilities of visual aids. Today, it is common that PowerPoint presentations include dynamic photos, gif illustrations, videos and sound elements.

PowerPoint users can:

  • Embed video, audio and images within PowerPoint slides
  • Add slide-transitions and effects
  • Give presentations a professional edge
  • Manage presentations with the right tools to save time and simplify work
  • Share information in more inventive ways than before

Gain professional PowerPoint skills with a PowerPoint Training Course

With a Microsoft PowerPoint course, you can learn to create and manage presentations using the right tools, saving you time and simplifying your work. Learn to create extraordinary, dynamic presentations that include audio and visual elements, with a Microsoft PowerPoint course.

Microsoft PowerPoint courses cover a range of areas for both experienced and novice users. Topics include:

  • Essential functions in PowerPoint
  • Adding graphic, video & sound elements
  • Slide transitions and effects
  • Best practice in formatting
  • Using slides effectively
  • Tailoring slides to an audience

PowerPoint presenters must also learn to take into account the needs and desires of their audiences and avoid over-simplifying matters. A PowerPoint course should not only help delegates understand the multitude of tools available to create modern presentations, but should encourage them to produce easy to understand, audience minded presentations. Professionals can also apply their PowerPoint skills by designing and producing documents in a free business and management course. 

Making the Most of PowerPoint

While Microsoft PowerPoint can be a real time-saver in creating dynamic visual aids, it should be used appropriately and with caution. With the all-too-common pitfall of overreliance on PowerPoint slides in a presentation, effective presentation skills are equally, if not more important than the slides themselves.

An effective presenter will use PowerPoint to supplement their presentation and demonstrate knowledge which is not easily explained. PowerPoint slides are also an effective means of keeping an audience on track, with visual reminders and cues to the topic of the presentation.

PowerPoint courses range from introductory to advanced levels.

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