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MS Outlook courses

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager and e-mail software programme that is often sold as a part of the Microsoft Office suite package. Microsoft Outlook is designed to collect and streamline business tasks and communication in order to allow users to work more efficiently. 

Microsoft Outlook is used by many businesses because it allows employees to easily coordinate meetings, update tasks,  and organise mailboxes and e-mails.

The task of organising an e-mail inbox is a daunting task, and the more that individuals become reliant on e-mail communication, the more cluttered and overwhelming e-mail boxes get. Microsoft Outlook makes it easier and more efficient to juggle multiple schedules, in boxes and contact lists.

Microsoft Outlook courses aims to provide participants the knowledge necessary to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook while keeping both their lives and in boxes organised. 

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Pitman Training

Congratulations to Pitman Training Reading student, James Old, for his Web Design Specialist Diploma distinction!

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Pitman Training

Albina’s Executive PA Diploma from Pitman Training in Reading makes her really stand out.

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