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More about Microsoft Word Training Courses

Training courses in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the industry standard word processing application and makes the creation of electronic documents easier than ever. Developed by Microsoft in the early 1980’s, the application has made its way into offices and homes around the globe, growing into a staple in basic software packages.

When you think of Microsoft Word, you may typically think of the simple functions related to typing, formatting and printing standard documents. In reality, Microsoft Word is capable of much more than it typical users are often aware of. To the trained user, Microsoft Word can be used to create advanced business documents & reports, store data, generate and print mailing labels, letters and templates. Unlock the true power of Microsoft Word and find a course taught in your preferred learning delivery method from one of the UK's top training providers today.

MS Word training for any situation

On a large scale, the ability of effectively and efficiently is an invaluable resource for a business, and Microsoft Word does an excellent job at delivering reliable and easy-to-use functions for administrative business tasks. As a professional, skills in Microsoft Word are absolutely essential. Today, Microsoft Word can be found on virtually every professional’s computer and comes standard in many business software packages.

Beyond the workplace, private individuals and students increasingly find a need to work with texts and templates in an easy and straightforward way. For the home, Microsoft Office can be used to administer personal administrative tasks, such as storing information, creating exciting and beautiful emails, invitations and greeting cards.

MS Word training and courses for all abilities

Although many individuals may use Microsoft Word on a daily basis, it is common that their skills do not match up to the full potential of the software. A training course in Microsoft Word can effectively fill the knowledge gap and take MS users’ skills to the next level. Courses in Microsoft Word are available from a beginner’s level to advanced MS for administrative professionals.

MS Word training course content

MS Word training courses will focus on the various features of the programme and include examples and exercises, ensuring that delegates walk away with a full understanding of how to apply the programme’s features. Here are some examples of the topics your training course may cover:

  • Navigating Word effectively
  • Creating stylized and professional documents
  • Collaborating with others through documents
  • Learning how word processing fits into a digital world
  • Utilizing Word for labels, research, signage, and the web

MS Word training methods

Courses can be tailored to company specifications and delivered in-house. After a training course, individuals will feel confident working with Microsoft Word and performing functions such as formatting pictures, layouts, indexes, and mail merges. Additionally, more advanced courses will enable participants to take advantage of tracking changes, security features, writing macros and document automation. Alternatively, those wishing to take an Microsoft Word course on their own terms can choose to participate in online learning. Online learning allows busy candidates to fit training around their schedules and learn from wherever suits them best. 

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Word is commonly purchased together with other key Microsoft software products in their bundle package, Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office includes Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher. Home and student versions also exist with similar inclusions.

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Microsoft Word training courses are closely related to a variety of similar software training categories. Check out our entire ICT training category to browse more options.

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