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Social Media Marketing Courses - Essential for the Modern Business

To engage in Social Media Marketing is to harness the power of endorsement and word of mouth via technology and integrated social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Social media has become a central aspect of everyday life for individuals of all demographics and its popularity and importance is only increasing. Businesses and organisations can no longer afford to ignore the social media phenomenon. Modern marketing is heavily orientated towards online and digital media, and it is only fitting that there many courses available to study marketing online. 

By effectively participating in key social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, companies can demonstrate presence and potentially reap significant benefits: 

  • Access to more than 2 billion active social media users
  • Build brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Control and enhance reputation
  • Build a professional network of business connections
  • Promote core business messages and values
  • Communicate directly with customers and the market.
  • Harness the potential of published endorsements
  • Boost online traffic to company’s main websites

Social media marketing courses can teach delegates key skills in developing a professional business presence on social media channels, managing and creating content, building customer followings, driving brand awareness, dealing with negative feedback and generating and measuring return on investment.

Facebook Marketing Training Courses

Facebook is effectively the most popular social media platform worldwide. Social media marketing courses for Facebook will often include organic content marketing, sponsored post to appear of targeted users’ news-feeds and sidebar Facebook ads. By producing engaging content, companies and business can use Facebook cost-free to attract users and build a network of engagement by posting, sharing and commenting on other content. A key benefit of Facebook marketing is that is generates two-way and instant conversations between customer and business. When managed correctly, these types of conversations can build solid relationships which can ultimately generate invaluable public recommendations for a brand or business.

Twitter Training Courses

Twitter is among the fastest growing social media channels of our time, with 255 million active users and upwards of 500 million tweets daily. In layman’s terms, Twitter is combined social networking and micro-blogging platform in which users can share short messages in live time. Social media marketing courses discussing twitter will teach businesses how to tweet targeted content to make professional connections, position themselves as a voice of authority in their relevant field, monitor brand performance and publish instant announcements, updates and news stories regarding their brand to followers and in the case of paid advertising, an audience of targeted, hand-selected individuals.

LinkedIn Training Courses

LinkedIn is a niched social media channel which specifically targets a professional audience. For users, LinkedIn serves as an outlet for distributing your CV, making professional connections and seeking employment opportunities. Because of the distinct ways in which users engage with LinkedIn, social media marketing courses covering LinkedIn will teach companies how to use LinkedIn marketing strategies to target specific businesses and professional audiences. The platform can be used to promote a business, blog, product or service. LinkedIn is also widely used by businesses as a recruitment tool.

Blogging Training Courses

When it comes to user engagement and boosting search engine optimisation (SEO), blogging is a great way to put your website, product or service on the map and attract new or niched groups of users. As the modern day version of a newspaper column, effective blog marketing can make a great impact on the success of a marketing campaign. However, blogging can become a laborious or ineffective marketing strategy if not incorporated into a holistic, targeted strategy. Social media marketing courses in blogging can help to spark inspiration and demonstrate best practice for getting the most of a blog.

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