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Why is user experience (UX) so important?

The success of a product or service is always based on people's experiences and perceptions, so many companies employ professionals that are responsible for assessing this experience. Assessing the customer's or user's experience has become an essential function in any business, and requires specific research techniques and analysis to acquire data that can be used to improve the product or service.

An effective website relies on good web design, predominantly the website navigation, web links, titles and language. When a usability professional is employed to test, monitor and makes web design improvements, this can play a fundamental role in improving the user experience and result in the company becoming more profitable. Many web or app-based companies need to have a UX designer on staff.

If you are interested in this career path, then a UX design course can help you get started!

Is a career in UX right for you? A UX course can help

Before you choose one of the UX courses above, here is some more info about what traits and knowledge a UX designer should have:

  • An enthusiasm for improving customer experience
  • Competence or strong interest in research and data analysis, as the majority of usability roles will involve a variety of user testing techniques
  • Experience in web design (or a strong interest and readiness to learn)
  • May also have previous experience in other roles, such as customer service, marketing, web design or quality assurance

What should I consider when choosing a UX course?

Any professional looking to progress into user experience (UX) will benefit from an initial introductory UX courses in usability to become familiar with the basic usability principles and techniques. There are many more specific usability training courses that allow professionals to specialise in particular usability areas, such as website usability, internet usability or software usability courses.

Professionals need to be experienced in the areas of design, research and analysis, so consider attending specialist UX courses in those areas, particularly in usability testing techniques, such as card sorting, usability test moderation and the use of usability software like Morae. By completing a variety of UX courses, professionals will be prepared to progress into senior usability roles and usability consultancy.

UX courses are available for those starting out in the industry as well as for the professional looking to stay abreast of the latest developments