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Inspiration for your professional development: articles


Needing a bit of inspiration in your search for the right course for your professional development? We know it can be tricky and that's why we started in the first place: to help you make the right training choices. We strive to make it easier for individuals and companies of all kinds to find the training options that suit them best.

Last updated: 31 Mar 2017

Improving Business Skills - How to Write an Effective Report?

Published: 27/11/2014

Though the pace of modern business continues to increase, sometimes you just need to stop and ask yourself: what is the purpose of this action or task?

Report writing is no exception. Business documents need to facilitate decision-making, and you can make sure you achieve this goal by following some simple but effective writing principles.

5 Networking Styles You'll Recognise Next Time You Take a Course

Published: 26/11/2014

Networking is a key aspect of business, but approaches to networking (much like communication styles) can vary quite significantly depending on the person and the event.

Some are "Social Butterflies" that crave the spotlight, others are more detached "Business Card Collectors". Which are you?

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Presenting with Confidence – Handling Presentation Nerves

Published: 25/11/2014

Delivering a good presentation requires excellent content, structure and technique, but also the ability to handle nerves and convey information with confidence.

It's not easy, but knowing a few tricks of the trade is a great place to start. In this article, Philip Moon of ProSeminar International emphasises the importance of good preparation and a positive 'inner-dialogue'.

Much aMOOC about nothing?

Published: 25/11/2014

Everyone is talking about MOOCs these days. As completely open courses attracting hundreds of thousands of users from across the world, many are wondering just how big they can get.

But is the MOOC a rising star or just a one hit wonder? Here are some key facts to help you make up your mind.

Talent development tips for SMEs

Published: 25/11/2014

We all know that talent development is a key factor in employee motivation and retention levels, but for smaller companies it can be difficult to invest large amounts in this area.

So how can you make sure that your business attracts the talent necessary but then manages to keep it? Here are 5 suggestions.

10 email etiquette rules to remember

Published: 17/10/2014

No one talks much about netiquette anymore. But with the pace of modern business steadily increasing, the temptation to "cut corners" or simply pay less attention to our digital behaviour can be pressing too.

Not to worry though: we've compiled our top 10 rules of email etiquette for anyone needing a little refresher.

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Cross-cultural communication: what to expect

Published: 17/10/2014

Business revolves to a large extent around relationships, and relationships require effective communication to be built.

But different countries and cultures have different values that will affect how they communicate, making misunderstandings hard to avoid. So what are the key traits to consider when interacting with different cultural groups?

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9 tips to getting the salary you want

Published: 17/10/2014

Maintain eye contact, get your numbers straight and play to win.

These are just some of the things that can contribute to a successful salary negotiation that helps you achieve the result you are after, without ruining your relationship with your boss.

Topics: Career Tips
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7 ways to motivate your staff

Published: 17/10/2014

Do you strive to work with staff who are driven and motivated to succeed? As a manager, you have the potential to make a big difference when it comes to influencing attitudes in the workplace.

Here we present the 7 top factors that will influence your ability to motivate your staff.

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How to succeed in digital marketing

Published: 02/10/2014

Virtually all businesses are digital these days. There are few that can afford not to be. But that doesn't mean that digital marketing is easy, or that you can just scrape by without dedicating time and effort to developing a strategy that works.

Here are 5 "musts" for anyone serious about making their digital marketing reap real results.

Topics: Marketing
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5 things you shouldn’t do during your salary negotiation

Published: 30/09/2014

We already told you how you should think, talk and act during your salary discussion. But what about what you shouldn't do?

Here are the top 5 things that are bound to get you in trouble.

Topics: Career Tips
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Data security: avoid email phishing in 4 steps

Published: 29/09/2014

Protecting personal & company data isn't just about having the right infrastructure - it's about individuals developing awareness of how to deal with cyber threats on a daily basis.

With this in mind, here is a 4-step guide to protecting yourself against email phishing, developed by expert security training provider KeyStone Learning Systems.

Topics: Technology
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Roles reversed: the dos and don’ts of giving feedback to your manager

Published: 24/09/2014

Management skills are important, and there's always been a strong focus on equipping managers with the skills to give effective feedback to their teams, improving performance without creating friction or negatively affecting morale.

But what of team members who need to give critical feedback to their managers? Here is our guide to the dos and don'ts for the non-managers among you.

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The keys to making distance learning a success

Published: 15/09/2014

Online and distance learning courses are a convenient and cost-effective way to focus on your professional development, but only if you take full advantage of what they have to offer.

Here are a few practical tips to make sure you get the return you are after on your training investment.

4 things you didn’t know about becoming FCA qualified

Published: 26/08/2014

Financial services firms in the UK are, understandably, closely monitored and regulated by a dedicated entity: the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

But that doesn't mean that individuals are off the hook. Financial advisers need to be qualified to perform the role they are given with an FCA-approved qualification. Here are 4 things you didn't know about this process.

Topics: FCA , Finance
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5 Reasons Why You Should Develop Your Skills in Summer

Published: 02/06/2014

Professional development should be a focus year-round, but it is no secret that busy professionals are often unable to prioritise training over more immediately necessary work-related tasks.

Summer can seem like an odd time to focus on training (or just about anything), but we have 5 reasons that prove the opposite.