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Inspiration for your professional development: articles


Needing a bit of inspiration in your search for the right course for your professional development? We know it can be tricky and that's why we started in the first place: to help you make the right training choices. We strive to make it easier for individuals and companies of all kinds to find the training options that suit them best.

Last updated: 31 Mar 2017

6 ways to make the most out of an L&D event

Published: 18/02/2015

Industry events provide a lot of potential for HR and L&D practitioners to develop fresh ideas, discover new products & services and generally get inspired to achieve more in their workplace.

But it's easy to get lost at large conferences like Learning & Skills and the CIPD Show, particularly when you're attending for the first time. Here are 6 tricks to stay on track and make the most of these events.

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Learning and Skills Exhibition and Conference

Published: 18/02/2015
Arrange a meeting with our team   |  Register for the 2017 Exhibition Learning and Skills 2017, co-located with Learning Technologies 2017 is Europe's leading showcase of workplace learning and development. And it continues to grow in importance, value and attendance year on year.  With more than 7,500 visitors, 150 free L&D seminars, over 250 exhibitors ...
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Which project management qualification? PRINCE2, APM or PMI

Published: 18/02/2015

Many current and aspiring project managers wonder which project management qualification will give them the best chance of reaching their career goals: PRINCE2, APM or PMI?

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits all answer. Parallel Project Training explores the advantages of each qualification and explains the factors you need to consider in order to make the best choice.

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CMI vs. ILM: which one should you go for?

Published: 18/02/2015

There will be few managers out there who haven't heard of the ILM and CMI - they both enjoy reputations that have made them well-known and well-respected across the globe.

So which one has the qualification that's right for you and your career goals and dreams? Choosing won't be easy, but this article presents some key facts about both bodies that may help you decide.

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Unlocking the Value in Your Training Budget with Training the Trainer

Published: 12/02/2015

Internal training and knowledge-sharing are key to organisational success, but training doesn't come naturally to everyone - trainers need to develop a specific skillset in order to succeed.

And that's why Training the Trainer courses can help you unlock more value for your organisation than you ever thought possible. Melanie Windle, trainer for sales and business training company MLP, explains how.

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3 Predictions for the Learning & Development Sector in 2015

Published: 06/02/2015

In order to counter the UK's growing skills gap, Learning & Development departments will need to find new ways to encourage & engage staff in training that will allow them to stay competitive in their markets.

But how will they get there? Nick Fernando, Head of Content at, explains why adaptivity, simple complexity and bottom-up content curation will rule the roost in 2015.

Business Writing Skills - How to Improve 'Readability'

Published: 27/01/2015

In order to be effective, a document doesn't just need to be well-written and contain useful information - it needs to be readable.

Readability is affected by a number of different factors including punctuation, paragraph structure and layout. Follow ProSeminar's top tips to make sure you find the right balance and get your documents read!

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Starting your own business: why do it?

Published: 19/01/2015

If you've been doing the same thing for too long and feel like you need to make a clean break, why not consider a change to a career as an entrepreneur?

Starting your own business will require a lot of hard work, but there are some perks that can make the journey seriously worth your while.

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7 worrying symptoms of a weak organisational culture

Published: 28/11/2014

Is your culture ready for change? Do you innovate enough to be ahead of your competitors? Is your staff 100% committed to your business vision and mission?

Discover the worrying signals and make the changes that can strengthen your corporate culture and inspire your team to grow.

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Health & Safety incentive schemes: the case for and against

Published: 27/11/2014

It isn't just about compliance: promoting an effective health & safety culture in your organisation requires motivating employees to change their behaviours for the better.

Are incentive and reward schemes a good way to achieve this? In this article, we set out the case for and against, with views from leading industry professionals. 

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4 reasons why taking a course is better than watching a YouTube video

Published: 27/11/2014

Now that we have an instructional YouTube video for virtually any topic under the sun, we can just forget about training altogether, right?

Wrong. Though employees may think that they can learn everything they need to from a YouTube video (or Google search), we have at least 4 reasons why that's not the case.

Are you ready for new challenges?

Published: 27/11/2014

Itching to do something new? Rest assured that you are not alone: according to recent research, up to 75% of UK employees applied for a new job in 2014.

It can be a daunting prospect, but as long as you are prepared for the leap, there is no reason why you shouldn't succeed.

Improving Business Skills - How to Write an Effective Report?

Published: 27/11/2014

Though the pace of modern business continues to increase, sometimes you just need to stop and ask yourself: what is the purpose of this action or task?

Report writing is no exception. Business documents need to facilitate decision-making, and you can make sure you achieve this goal by following some simple but effective writing principles.

5 Networking Styles You'll Recognise Next Time You Take a Course

Published: 26/11/2014

Networking is a key aspect of business, but approaches to networking (much like communication styles) can vary quite significantly depending on the person and the event.

Some are "Social Butterflies" that crave the spotlight, others are more detached "Business Card Collectors". Which are you?

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Presenting with Confidence – Handling Presentation Nerves

Published: 25/11/2014

Delivering a good presentation requires excellent content, structure and technique, but also the ability to handle nerves and convey information with confidence.

It's not easy, but knowing a few tricks of the trade is a great place to start. In this article, Philip Moon of ProSeminar International emphasises the importance of good preparation and a positive 'inner-dialogue'.

Much aMOOC about nothing?

Published: 25/11/2014

Everyone is talking about MOOCs these days. As completely open courses attracting hundreds of thousands of users from across the world, many are wondering just how big they can get.

But is the MOOC a rising star or just a one hit wonder? Here are some key facts to help you make up your mind.

Talent development tips for SMEs

Published: 25/11/2014

We all know that talent development is a key factor in employee motivation and retention levels, but for smaller companies it can be difficult to invest large amounts in this area.

So how can you make sure that your business attracts the talent necessary but then manages to keep it? Here are 5 suggestions.

10 email etiquette rules to remember

Published: 17/10/2014

No one talks much about netiquette anymore. But with the pace of modern business steadily increasing, the temptation to "cut corners" or simply pay less attention to our digital behaviour can be pressing too.

Not to worry though: we've compiled our top 10 rules of email etiquette for anyone needing a little refresher.

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Cross-cultural communication: what to expect

Published: 17/10/2014

Business revolves to a large extent around relationships, and relationships require effective communication to be built.

But different countries and cultures have different values that will affect how they communicate, making misunderstandings hard to avoid. So what are the key traits to consider when interacting with different cultural groups?

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9 tips to getting the salary you want

Published: 17/10/2014

Maintain eye contact, get your numbers straight and play to win.

These are just some of the things that can contribute to a successful salary negotiation that helps you achieve the result you are after, without ruining your relationship with your boss.

Topics: Career Tips
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