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Read the latest in L&D news for HR practitioners, managers, and Learning and Development specialists. You'll find research done by the staff, tips from the UK's top training providers, and submissions by our readers who work in L&D.

Last updated: 18 Jul 2017

Mental Health Training in the Workplace

Published: 27/12/2017

Mental health is often overlooked because there is no gaping wound to betray how much pain an individual may be experiencing.The consequences are often tragic as pleas for help go unnoticed and unheard. Mental health training in the workplace is absolutely essential.

Topics: Human Resources
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UAE Vision 2021 - What it Means for Your Company

Published: 04/12/2017

The aim of the UAE Vision 2021 is to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world. This goal will be realised through sustained focus on the four pillars of the Vision - United in Responsibility, United in Destiny, United in Knowledge, United in Prosperity.


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Innovation in L&D Award Winners Announced

Published: 27/11/2017

Innovation in L&D helps drive growth, increase engagement, and provide opportunities where there may have been constraints for businesses and employees. At we believe that Learning at Work Week is the perfect opportunity to try out new innovative solutions for a more empowered workforce. 

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10 Myths About Professional Training - Infographic

Published: 27/10/2017

There are a lot of assumptions about professional training. But how many are grounded in fact? We've identified and debunked some of the more common myths in this infographic. Some of these stats may surprise you...

Download the Complete Guide to UK Apprenticeships

Published: 30/08/2017

Is your organisation wondering how to make best use of the apprenticeship levy and other government funding for apprenticeships? Download your free copy of the ultimate guide to apprenticeships for companies!

Topics: Apprenticeships
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Can colourful learning increase your ROI?

Published: 13/07/2017

Increasing your training budget ROI; it’s the holy grail for all HR and L&D Managers. If face-to-face courses are part of your L&D plan, have you discussed the impact colour can have on its effectiveness? Read about how colourful learning can increase your ROI!

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Are Your Leaders Compelling Public Speakers?: A 3-Step Checklist

Published: 06/07/2017

Communication skills are the most important leadership skill, according to a 2016 Regus survey. Yet while we are all taught and tested on our written English, few of us learn how to speak powerfully. How do the leaders at your organisation fare when it comes to internal presentations, public talks or media interviews? Do they inspire, engage and motivate? Or is there still room for improvement? Read our checklist to determine how your leaders are faring!

Topics: Leadership
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How to Create a Lifelong Learning Culture at Work

Published: 26/06/2017

We’d all agree that the world seems to be transforming faster than ever before. With changes to technology, to how we work and the work we are doing, we need “the skills to retrain again and again” to be able to survive. Lifelong learning is now part of UK government policy, to help businesses respond to change. 

Here are five areas you can develop to transform the learning culture at your organisation.

5 Training Hacks for Producing Business Impact ROI Through Performance

Published: 14/06/2017

Tap into performance science to improve the business impact of your training.

Why You Shouldn't Miss Exhibitions at HR Conferences

Published: 12/06/2017

Deborah Fairbotham attended this year's CIPD Learning & Development Conference and weighs in on why you shouldn't miss the exhibition hall.

How to Turn Training into Profit

Published: 09/06/2017

Nowhere is the idea of value for money in training more succinctly described than the saying ''If you think education is expensive try ignorance.'' It speaks volumes, but it also misses one very crucial point. Read three things you should consider when thinking about investing in training.

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5 Trends That Will Shape HR in the Next Decade

Published: 08/06/2017

Human resources is a fast-changing field, and it’s never been more vital to the development of organisations worldwide. Using new data and technologies, HR has the power to revolutionise work. Read five key areas predicted to shape the profession, and the future of business, in the next ten years.

Topics: Human Resources
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The Learners of Today Are The Leaders of Tomorrow

Published: 08/06/2017

There is no such thing as instant leadership. Leadership is like a plant. It needs nourished and watered and fed to help it to grow. The best leaders recognise that to grow as a leader you must have a thirst for new knowledge, new concepts and new ways of working.


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People Work Best When They Feel Good About Themselves

Published: 08/06/2017

How do we keep everyone engaged and motivated in today’s workplace? This is a key question for every manager and every leader at every level in the workplace.John Dewey, one of America’s most profound philosophers, said that the deepest urge in human nature is ''the desire to feel important.''

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Learning at Work Week Impact Award

Published: 04/05/2017

Introducing the 2017 Innovation in Learning and Development Award. Learn if your organisation is eligible and how to apply.

How to calculate and maximise ROI on training

Published: 05/05/2016

Training is seen as something hugely valuable to employees and can go a long way in helping to retain them. Research has shown, for example, that training and mentoring are of a high degree of importance to young managers. But what can you do to measure how this perceived value translates into ROI? Here’s some ideas.

The 3 Biggest Training Challenges

Published: 25/01/2016

A survey by Training Provider MBM of HR Managers, L&D Managers, and Training Officers, predominantly in the UK Grocery Industry, revealed that the top 3 biggest training challenges.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Training

Published: 04/11/2015

Internal training enables professionals to receive training courses that tailors their expertise according to the unique necessities of their respective companies. Professionals do not have to leave their workplaces to receive this training. That saves both time and energy and the training is proven to be more efficient in that way as individuals receive hands-on experience relevant to their career profile. Before arranging internal or in-house training, companies should consider both positive and negative aspects in order to measure the extent of benefits one can receive through this type of training.

Profiting on a Healthy Work Environment

Published: 03/11/2015

From healthcare schemes to the treadmill desk, the workplace environment is becoming increasingly health conscious and it could be beneficial to business financial health, not just the employees wellbeing. Over the years organisations have noted high employee turnover rates, absentees due to illness in addition to time off through exhaustion or other health related issues. How can making the workplace environment help an organisation's profitability?

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Top 5 UK training industry blogs

Published: 22/06/2015

Keep up-to-date with developments in training trends with these 5 premiere UK blogs that will keep you informed on educational technology breakthroughs, learning and development research, and the constantly evolving best-practice for developing employees.

Each of these blogs has unique insight to offer - whether you're working in learning and development as an HR professional, deliver training, or take a keen interest in your professional development.