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Learning at Work Week Impact Award

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The Learning at Work Week Impact Award
''Innovation in Learning and Development''

Innovation in Learning and Development helps drive growth, increase engagement, and provide opportunities where there may have been constraints for businesses and employees. By innovating, companies can change the way they provide and drive learning at work to help their business and employees to overcome challenges, adapt to change and think differently.

Learning at Work Week is a fantastic opportunity to think outside of the box and try something new in order to develop people and provide opportunities for learning in your organisation. The Impact Award for Learning at Work Week recognises one large* organisation and one SME** organisation that best demonstrate how their Learning at Work Week activities used innovation to find ways of developing people and providing opportunities for learning.

Judges will look for evidence of how you designed your Learning at Work Week activities to address challenges or issues for learning and development and how this supports the wider business. Your innovation could be anything that you did differently to do this, including testing new approaches to learning, formats for learning, technology, the way you communicated your learning offer and engaged colleagues, working with suppliers, or new partnerships.

The winner will receive a special trophy to recognise their achievement. The award is free to enter and the deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday 21st July 2017. Please submit your application along with photographs if available. Non submission of photos is not a disadvantage.

*Large organisations are defined here as having more than 250 employees
**SME organisations are defined here as having no more than 250 employees

Download the Application

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Last updated: 01 Jun 2017

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