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Why take an English course?

Whether you wish to improve your Business English, Legal English, Financial English, or Engineering English, there are English language courses to help you communicate more effectively and accurately. Work is not the only reason to learn English, maybe you have always dreamed of reading books by English authors or watching Hollywood movies in their native language.

Benefits of taking English language courses:

Learning this global language can be the key to fulfilling your personal and professional goals. Do you dream of becoming an English teacher, drafting a contract in English for your organisation, using research written in English to inform your decisions, or enjoy English film and literature? 

Through more effective use of Business English language skills, companies and individuals can reach their organisational goals and improve their career performances. When working across borders to international offices or clients, English is overwhelmingly the common language of choice.

Organisations can improve their global standing and better engage their audiences by considering English language courses for staff. Individual careers can be taken to the next level with a mastery of English.

Many of the course providers listed in this section have gained reputations teaching English to some of the world's leading corporate, public and international organisations.

Consider your current skill level and your goals

You may want to focus on taking an English course to improve your speech in meetings, discussions and negotiations, or improving your listening comprehension, pronunciation and telephone skills.

Are you a beginner looking for introductory Business English language skills, or someone more proficient in English who needs to improve your fluency for professional communication?

Carefully consider the current level of your English skills and the level at which you would like them to be. With your goal in mind, evaluate the English language courses available and determine if they are right for you or even focused on your professional area, such as law, banking, finance, sales, travel or marketing.

Whatever your needs, you can be confident that with the right content, your English course will soon have you meeting your objectives.

How do you wish to be taught English?

With so many English language courses offered to individuals overseas, it is important to consider the method of teaching used by the course provider. Once you've found an English course that fits your needs, contact the course provider and ask them for more information about their teaching methods. Some of the important points to consider when choosing your course are:

  • Will your English course will be entirely in English or not?
  • Will your course be focused on your professional area?
  • Is the level of English reached by the end of the course going to match your needs?
  • What qualifications or experience does the teacher of your course have regarding your area of interest?
  • At which pace will the English course be run?
  • Will there be opportunities for organised social interaction for practice outside of class?
  • Where is the course held: in-company, in the student's home, or at one of the course providers locations?

With so many English language courses available, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you as long as you take the time to evaluate your needs and make sure it meets them!

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