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The Role of Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is a workplace function which is concerned with the welfare, safety and health of employees at their place of work. The goal of health and safety professionals is to create and encourage a safe and healthy work environment using a variety of tools, training and environmental management. Often, health & safety concerns and programmes extend to the spouses, families and customers who may be affected by the activities of the employer or the impact of the work environment on the primary breadwinner. Health and safety issues may include financial, legal and moral aspects of a healthy work environment. Good practices impact positively on the rate of employee injury and illness, sick leave, disability and medical expenses.

Health and Safety Courses in London

In the UK, health and safety law is determined by Health and Safety Excecutive. A number of training institutions offer health and safety training courses in London. Professional development courses aimed at delegates who want to establish health and safety careers in London are available to fulfil the needs of businesses and corporations in the UK. Health, safety and environmental management training is accredited by NEBOSH, IOSH, IEMA, CIEH, IOA, UKATA, ConstructionSkills and CQI depending on the course offered. Health and safety training is also integrated into many qualifications in construction or vocational training such as driving courses.

Course Contents

A variety of programmes are available at accredited London training institutes including bespoke training programmes. These programmes can be tailor-made to suit the needs of a specific company. In-company health and safety courses in London are also available. Workshops, online planning and publications are offered by several London training institutes. Full time classroom courses and blended learning are offered to London delegates. Diploma courses include the full range of modules to equip delegates to work as health and safety officers and managers. The course content includes health and safety management, incident and loss causation, risk control, criminal and civil law, management of hazardous agents, physical and psychosocial hazards, fire and explosion issues, handling work equipment, and electrical safety.

Health and Safety Careers in London

A variety of health and safety careers in London are available. These range from health and safety officers in medium-sized enterprises to health and safety management and planning staff in the corporate sector. As the management and monitoring of health and safety concerns are an essential requirement for workplace confidence and security, health & safety managers are always in demand. The average salary for health and safety professionals with four years experience is £30,811. Individuals with as many as 9 years in the field is £37,671. Professionals with 10 to 19 years have average salaries of £44,017, while over 20 years' experience earns around £52,319. Mining and quarrying sectors offer the highest rates of remuneration. Senior managers may earn up to £200,000.

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