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SQL - Advanced

Wise Owl
Course summary
Length: 2 days
Location: Nationwide
Next available date: Enquire for details! - United Kingdom

Course Description

Advanced SQL Training Programme - London, ManchesterLearn to Programme in T-SQL - Advanced SQL in-house training course in the UK

SQL is a powerful database tool, with a dynamic and diverse set of functions. For proficient users who are able to write SELECT statements in SQL, this advanced training course will team them to program in the T-SQL language. 

Delegates of this course will lean-by-doing to master the likes of creating stored procedures, passing parameters to store procedures, writing user-defined functions, working with temporary tables and table variables. 

Suitability - Who should attend?

As this is an advanced course, all delegates should have prior knowledge of SQL, including writing SELECT statements. 

Outcome / Qualification etc.

Advanced SQL Training CourseUpon completion of this course, delegates will have an understanding of how to program using T-SQL.

Training Course Content

This customisable in-house training course will discuss the advanced functions related to SQL Server and typically includes:

Detailed stored procedures

  • Pros and cons
  • Creating stored procedures
  • Three ways to execute
  • System stored procedures


  • Declaring variables
  • SET versus SELECT
  • Tricks with variables
  • So-called global variables

Parameters and return values

  • Passing parameters
  • Default values / WHERE clauses
  • Output parameters
  • Using RETURN

Scalar functions

  • What are scalar functions?
  • Some examples
  • Disadvantages of scalar functions
  • Three alternatives

Testing conditions

  • IF / ELSE statement
  • Using CASE where possible


  • Syntax of WHILE
  • Breaking out of a loop


  • Beginning a transaction
  • Committing / rolling back

Deleting and updating

  • Using DELETE and UPDATE
  • Sys.Objects
  • Dropping objects

Creating tables

  • Creating tables in SQL
  • Primary keys and indexes
  • Setting constraints
  • Creating from existing data

Inserting data

  • Inserting single rows
  • Inserting multiple rows

Temporary tables and table variables

  • Using temporary tables
  • Creating table variables
  • Pros and cons of each approach

Table-valued functions

  • In-line table-valued functions
  • Mult-statement table-valued functions
  • Limitations of user-defined functions

Derived tables and CTEs

  • Using derived tables
  • Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
  • Recursive CTEs


  • The concept of a subquery
  • Using ALL, ANY and IN
  • Using EXISTS
  • Correlated subqueries

Cursors (if time)

  • Syntax of fetching rows
  • When not to use


  • Using TRY / CATCH
  • System error functions
  • Custom error messages
  • The obsolete @@error function


  • Version differences
  • The Visual Studio debugger
  • The SQL Server debugger
  • Debugging (breakpoints, etc.)

Dynamic SQL (if time)

  • Building up dynamic SQL
  • Executing dynamic SQL
  • Pros and cons

Pivots (if time)

  • Using the PIVOT clause
  • Dynamic pivots


This in-house training course can be delivered on-site for groups, teams or companies. Enquire for details to receive an in-house training quote.

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Reviews by course attendees

John Davies   |   14/11/2016
Really useful course, I will take away a great deal and be able to use in my day to day job. The trainer was incredibly helpful too!
Bruce Moyes   |   09/02/2016
Good pace, knowledgeable tutor.
Mary-Ann Forrest   |   07/02/2016
Course admin good with helpful maps and hotel suggestions appreciated. Love the course manual - good details and much better materials than other courses I've been on. Useful materials and USB stick to help consolidate. I was impressed with the resources on the Wise Owl website - in particular the videos are excellent.