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Add Hours to Your Day with Time Management Courses

Do you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day? Juggling work with other personal or academic commitments can become daunting, especially when the tasks seem to keep piling up.

The way that we manage our time and responsibilities can have a great impact on not only our personal efficiency, but the levels of stress that we experience. Time management courses help to address the stress and feelings of helplessness associated with an unruly schedule or an overwhelming task load. As an area of personal development, formal training provides delegates with tools and techniques that can be applied to help them best manage their time to not only maximise efficiency, but achieve the much sought after work-life balance.

By improving time management skills, delegates can regain control over their days, increase their personal efficiency, productivity and lower the impacts of stress on their mental and physical state. Both in personal and professional contexts, specific skills in careful and thoughtful planning, prioritisation, creating a routine, and knowing when to take a break can make all the difference.

Time Management Courses and the Workplace

As a core aspect of our day to day life, efficiency in the workplace can stretch a long way. Whether it is simply achieving daily, weekly or monthly goals or going that extra mile, time management skills can help individuals to achieve more, better. In a professional setting, it is important to be able to identify pressing tasks and time-wasting behaviours. With this critical awareness, it is then possible to adapt work habits to maximise efficiency. Time management courses are available in a workplace-specific context, which can provide unique insights into getting the most of the 8-hour day within the parameters of company policy and expectations.

Time Management Courses

Just as each individual is unique, time management courses are highly customisable and available in a variety of forms. From personal efficiency and streamlining work processes to prioritisation techniques, there are time management courses for everyone. Formats vary between in-house courses for large groups and companies, open courses for individuals and small groups and one-on-one coaching sessions. Additionally, distance learning courses are available to fit individuals with busy schedules.

Group training is designed to address common time management issues. With the provision of proven and approved techniques for more effective time management, delegates are free to either apply them directly or adapt them to their specific needs. Common techniques can range from scheduling, identifying objectives and key responsibilities, identifying time thieves and achieving balance.

When it comes to personalised training, delegates are tasked with identifying their weakness and goals in managing their time more effectively. Once areas of improvement have been identified, qualified trainers are able to customise training programmes, techniques and exercises to address the particular needs of each individual. As this training is tailor-made for the lifestyles, habits and needs of each delegate, they can be extremely effective in getting to the root of the problem.

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