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Stress Management – Regain Control

Sources of stress are virtually unlimited in a world saturated with social and material stimulants. Depending on the personal traits and stress management skill of each individual, stress stimuli may lie in overly-demanding or exhaustive situations, the build-up of commitments or both. Whether your source of stress is rooted in social commitments to friends and family, the upkeep of daily errands and routines, or work responsibilities, stress can have a significant impact on an individual’s mental and physical health.

As in anything, stress management is a process - and stress management courses help individuals identify challenges and work through the process systematically. With targeted skills and techniques, each individual can create a stress management system that best suits their needs. The first step towards balance is to understand that ultimately, we are in control. That is, we have the ability to prioritise, delegate and manage our reactions to stress. The endless list of to-do’s does not rule us. Rather, individuals can pick up skills to effectively handle their busy lives as well as the ability to relax without buckling under pressure.

Stress management courses are delivered on the basis that not all stress is bad stress. Aside from the sorts of tensions that result in adverse bodily and mental effects, controlled amounts of stress can push individuals towards self-improvement and reaching their goals. This type of stress is effectively termed ‘pressure.’ Just as pressure can help keep an item in place or shift it in the right direction, positive pressure can nudge individuals to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives. This type of personal development tactic can be incredibly effective, both in personal and professional endeavors. Not only does it motivate individuals to reach goals that are only slightly and reasonable out of reach, but it prevents a stifling or stagnant career - or personal life. 

Training Courses in Stress Management

Stress management courses aim to help individuals understand and manage their stress stimuli and associated reactions. Formal training in stress management will help individuals to understand what they can change and the limits to their control.

Topics of stress management training can vary from time management and personal efficiency to delegation, relaxing and, motivation and self-coaching. Other courses in stress management may take a holistic approach including nutrition and diet assessment and improvement. Courses also range in style from formal, technique-focused instruction to a more introspective take to self-guidance and management. Whether your preferred approach is introspective or focused on logistics, a strategic and systematic approach is essential. Practiced strategies and techniques allow individuals to take stress by the horns and proactively minimise its negative impacts. A number of these stress management courses are also delivered as short term personal development courses.

Above all, stress management courses are centered in transparency – teaching participants to understand the sources of their stress, themselves and the reasons that such stimuli or circumstances cause them stress. The ultimate goal is to increase an individual’s confidence to acknowledge and actively manage stressful situations into productive activity. Motivational and coaching training is excellent in this aspect as it presents an opportunity for people to get to know themselves on a profound level. They will learn their strengths and weaknesses in what makes them tick and what sorts of solutions to stress work best for them.

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