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Italy is a hub for business in Europe and home to course organisers that provide training of the utmost quality and many offer professional qualifications that will further student's careers.
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Further Your Career in Italy

The range of business subjects in Italy is always expanding due to it being one of the world leaders in fashion, finance and commerce. Many of these courses will lead to a qualification so students have the opportunity to become highly qualified experts in their specific fields. Many of the training providers based in Italy or internationally offer bespoke courses that are tailored to the needs of an organisation or specific team within the company.

Executive education in Italy

Studying at a business school in one of Italy's top cities has numerous benefits. It will enable students to further their career and become a specialist in their field. They will also benefit from being able to study at one of Europe's most prestigious business schools. Students that work as freelancers, business starters or those within an organisation are all welcome to apply and will all enjoy the same benefits and further their careers.

Professional development courses & executive studies in Italy

There are many excellent business schools in the major Italian cities. Students that choose to study in Italy will also learn more about the country's culture and history, as well the language. The country is famous for having some of the world's most amazing historical attractions too. Therefore choosing to study in Italy will not only further a career and create more career opportunities, it will provide the opportunity for personal improvement. This will have the added benefit of making it easier to find careers in Italy or in other European countries.

Country facts to encourage you to live and learn in Italy

Italy is the eighth largest economy in the world and is the second largest manufacturing economy in Europe. The country is one of the top international centres for fashion, finance & commerce, and hosted the World Expo in 2015. This provides Italy with a significant professional training industry, which makes the country an ideal place for those who wish to enrol in business courses and further their career.

As one of Italy's top attractions, Milan is a fantastic city to live in too with superb restaurants, cultural events, live music, fashion, nightlife and much more. The city is also very close to the gorgeous Italian coast and the Italian Alps, so it easy to enjoy weekends and breaks away. Students that choose to come to Milan to study a professional business course will have a wide selection of courses to choose from, at the country's finest business schools.

Individuals who often travel to Italy for business or pleasure may also be interested in improving their Italian skills with one of the many Italian language courses taking place in Italy or abroad.

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