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Average Salary UK | What's the Average Salary in the UK?

Average Salary (UK) of over 400 Jobs Revealed

Have you ever wondered whether you’re getting paid enough? Or whether you're earning below the average?

The Office of National Statistics has released new figures showing the average salary (UK) for over 400 job roles, from gardeners to artists, IT technicians to sales and marketing managers.

Their yearly survey showed that the average salary in the UK for men and women combined was £29,009, which includes those in both full-time and part work. For those in full-time work, the average UK salary is £35,423 and £12,083 for those in part-time.

In the most recent update, salary figures were up an average of 3.6%, with full-time salaries averaging at £36,611 and part-time salaries at £12,495. The Office of National Statistics, from whom these figures are pulled, calculates the average salary by looking at UK workers' average weekly salary, as well as the annual survey of hours and earnings. You can find out more about how average salary is calculated on the ONS website. 

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Who earns the most?

Unsurprisingly, senior managers, directors, and officials scooped the highest salaries of the bunch, earning an average salary of £58k with a full-time job. Amongst the lowest paying industries were those working in care and leisure, earning an average salary of £19k full time.

Other sectors see quite a differentiation in payment depending on an individual’s job role and qualification. Healthcare, for example, sees average salaries fluctuate between £23,000 and £79,000 depending on your role, with radiographers earning £34,592, nurses £32,338, midwives £35,348 and paramedics £36,697.

The ONS also reported that UK average salaries are on the increase, with people earning on average 2.5% more year on year. This is where we were sitting just before the 2008 financial crash, which saw 300,000 people made redundant and an average salary in the UK decrease of -2.5% across the board.

Top 25 Jobs & Average Salary UK 

For the UK’s most popular jobs, full-time staff can expect to earn the following:

  1. IT Technicians - £31,731

  2. Administrator - £25,050

  3. Construction Project Manager - £40,549

  4. Business/Corporate Project Manager - £58,478

  5. Police Officer - £26,605

  6. Education Support Assistant - £16,700

  7. Business Development Manager - £52,500

  8. Labourer - £28,237

  9. Receptionist - £17,808

  10. Sales Executive - £26,302

  11. Account Manager - £52,500

  12. Quantity Surveyor - £42,511

  13. Care Assistant - £18,255

  14. Chef - £21,282

  15. Managers - £58,862 (although this varies widely depending on your field)

  16. Nurse - £32,338

  17. Electrician - £31,277

  18. Doctor - £41,494

  19. Lawyer - £63,771

  20. Writer - £33,887

  21. Teacher - £39,388

  22. Business Analyst - £49,079

  23. Finance Professionals - £42,578

  24. Customer Service Advisor - £21,494

  25. Engineer - £43,628

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Average Salary UK - Sales

Unsurprisingly, sales directors scooped the largest take-home salaries, with full-time roles averaging £93,967 per year and part-time roles £32,980. 

Sales account managers saw the second highest salary, with an average full-time salary of £52,500 and part-time £23,379. Associates came third, earning £44,990 full-time and £16,910 part time.

For those in the earlier stages of their career, full-time salaries sat just under the national average. Sales administrators take home £22k full-time and £11k part-time, and sales juniors between £17-22k full-time and £9k-£11k part-time.

Job Roles

Sales directors

Sales associate professionals

Business sales executives

Accounts & business dev managers

Sales administrators

Sales supervisors

Elementary sales occupations

UK Average

Average Full-Time Salary









Read the full article about the average UK salary for sales here

Average Salary UK - Marketing

Public relations professionals (such as PR managers, PR assistant managers and communications managers) also took home higher than the UK average salary, earning £37k full time and £15k part-time, which is £2k and £3k more respectively than their counterparts in other industries.

Associate professionals (such as marketing managers, social media managers, digital marketing specialists and research analysts) took home just under the average salary for the UK when male and female wages were combined.

Content writers and graphic designers took home an annual wage of around £30,000- with writers earning £33k and graphic designers £27k (men and women, full-time).

The lowest wages recorded were for those in junior marketing roles, with a full-time UK average salary of £17k and a part-time salary of £9k.

Job Role

Marketing Directors

Marketing associate professions

Web design and development professionals

Public Relations Professionals

Content Writers

Graphic Designers

Marketing administrators

Junior marketing positions

UK Average

Average Full-Time Salary










Get the full picture of marketing salaries with our UK Average Salaries for Marketing article

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Average Salary UK - Law

Legal professionals earn an average of £88,099 a year, which is considerably higher than the £58k of full-time senior managers.

The survey also showed that solicitors take home £53,100, legal associates £32,551 and legal secretaries £22,957.

Part-time workers saw slightly lower salaries, with legal professional earning £50,416 solicitors £30,681 and secretaries £13,514.

Legal associates who worked part-time earn significantly less than their full-time counterparts, taking home an average of  £13,573 per annum. All part-time legal workers in the legal profession were still earning over the UK average salary of £12,083 per annum for a part-time role.

Job Role

Legal Professionals (n.e.c)


Legal Associates

Legal Secretaries

UK Average

Average Full-Time Salary






Find out more about the UK Average Salary for Law and Legal here

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Average Salary UK - HR


HR Officers (including roles such as recruitment managers, training and development managers, compensation and rewards managers, and international resources managers) take home slightly lower than the UK average salary.

HR Officers earn an average salary of £35k for men and £29k for women in full-time roles. Their part-time counterparts took home significantly more than average, however, nearly £5k more (officers take home £16k part-time, which includes men and women.)

HR administrators were slightly lower in terms of the earning scale. Men and women earn an average full-time salary of £22k and a part-time salary of £12k. Part-time, administrators still earned more than the standard UK worker, and significantly higher than those in other industries.

Job Role

HR Managers and Directors

HR Officers

HR administrators

UK Average

Average Full-Time Salary





Get the full picture on the UK HR Salary Statistics here

Check out our infographic below to see the average salary UK (full-time and part-time) for your role or industry


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Last updated: 24 Jun 2019

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