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Professional development in Nottingham

The Nottingham local economy is largely driven by the energy and bio-technology industries and the services sector - especially the retail, retail manufacturing, creative industries and micro-industries. Professional development programmes in these areas have been launched by training providers with extensive experience, who designed unique courses for delegates at all levels of experience. Collaborations between academic bodies and industry representatives from the East Midlands and especially the Nottingham area, have encouraged an increasing number of professionals and organisations to invest in lifelong learning initiatives.

Discover the training opportunities in the Greater Nottingham area

Training providers based in the urban Nottingham area deliver professional training for a diversified professional audience. Their offers cover business administration and management programmes, financial training, administration courses and many more.

Find public courses delivered in Nottingham or arrange in house training for your company. After you request information regarding courses that interest you, training providers contact you with more details and answer any questions you may have about the course content, available dates and costs.

Business and Pleasure - Why choose Nottingham?

Nottingham is a city with a vibrant social life, with a relatively young population and a growing influx of tourists. The tale of Robin Hood has fascinated generations of travellers who can still find in Nottingham a vivid image of the legend. The cosmopolitan outlook and the shopping attractions in the area bring many visitors, who can also explore many cultural sites from a wide choice of arts galleries and museums, theatres and music scenes. As a business destination, Nottingham is known to be home to the headquarters of multinational energy providers and pharmaceutical companies.

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Results Driven Group

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Which is the best Coaching qualification for me to undertake and at what level? It’s another one of those questions that often stumps us when thinking about our future development in Coaching!!

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Pitman Training

Oliver achieves his Graphic Design Diploma from Pitman Training Reading. Read more about his success here!

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Pitman Training

Albina’s Executive PA Diploma from Pitman Training in Reading makes her really stand out.

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Executive PA Student Success Story
Pitman Training

Here is the story of Nadia, who has just completed her Executive PA Diploma programme with Pitman Training. Read about why she decided to study the PA Diploma & how she won her dream job....

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