“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”. Consultative selling refers to the ’Needs-based’ technique whereby customers needs are used as the basis for the sales dialogue. Browse courses below which will help you target your buyers needs and desires, a critical skill for sellers.
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Consultative Selling Courses – Understanding your audiences

Consultative Selling courses help to further your sales techniques, through gaining an understanding of a Customer focused needs-based selling technique you can expect to close more deals, have happier clients more willing to retain your services and, ultimately, enhance your career.

Whether you are attempting to begin a career in sales, further boost your knowledge to increase your figures or trying to further your career, there are Consultative Selling courses that will suit your needs.

While many sales techniques may appear to be people skills present in some naturally, a good needs-based approach can help bolster your sales figures and increase your sales overall. A Consultative Selling course will teach its participants the principles of using strategic questioning to engage the costumer, seeking constant feedback from which the salesperson can develop a strategy of asking the right questions at the right time.

During a Consultative sales course you may expect to explore and learn how to

  • Engage with clients and customers
  • Elicit a deep understanding of their needs and objectives
  • Execute the sale

Consultative selling courses give sales professionals another tool in their selling repertoire.

Consultative Selling’s unique advantage

With increased competition and the easy access to information, leading to modern buyers being well informed, the focus of a sales call has shifted from the seller to the buyer. With all this information available sellers are facing buyers who are becoming ever increasingly sceptical. This scepticism combined with the increasingly demanding schedules of sellers create a tough selling environment, however seller can stand out by understanding that buyers will continue to seek trustworthy sellers, authenticity, and clarity when finalising deals. With the skills learned on a Consultative selling course sellers will have the necessary skills to boost their figures by differentiating themselves by meeting and surpassing these buyer needs.

Consultative Selling Courses – Formats and Content

Consultative Selling can become an integral part of an organisations plan to boost sales and revenue, the specific industry where this type of sales can be utilised vary greatly, which is reflected in the wide range of sales courses and formats available.

Consultative Selling courses are offered  as open courses, in-house training for whole sales teams, short refresher or booster courses, and online distance courses. Common topics covered include:

  • Developing superior questioning and listening skills
  • Learning the psychology of decision making.
  • Discovering how to open a call.
  • Uncovering and developing customer needs
  • Understanding the questions that need to be asked and when
  • Practical tools to analyse and organise a Persuasive Case.
  • Obtaining Commitment.
  • Gaining the skills necessary to prevent and handle objections.
  • Enhance your account development strategies
  • Discover better negotiation tactics
  • Learn the secrets of social-style selling

Courses Related to Consultative Selling

Consultative Sales, while a deviation from, is related to tradition sales methods and customer service; without strong and reliable customer service, repeat business becomes an unlikely prospect. With this is mind, sales professionals of all levels commonly take both sales training courses and customer service courses, in order to maximise personal and company success. Search a wide range of sales courses on FindCourses.

Customer care also goes hand in hand with customer service, in the ongoing push for creating loyal clients and repeat business. Find customer care courses.