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Telesales - Treating the Telephone as a Tool for Success

Telesales presents a number of serious challenges and limitations to the modern seller. In today's world of caller ID, social media, and online-based communication telemarketers face significant hurdles. Professionals working in telesales fight an uphill battle, having to work against the negative perception of unsolicited cold calls and massive call centers. Telesales staff often need to generate leads, set up appointments or make sales over the telephone. Courses in telesales help professionals meet these barriers head on, instructing sellers in methods for putting a human face on their prospect and client interactions. Training in sales and presentation skills aim to develop sales teams' natural instincts to be clear, memorable and confident.

More than Just Selling: Making a Good Impression

Using the telephone to communicate with clients and prospects is a crucial part of any professionals responsibilities and very often represents the first contact that the salesperson gets to convince a potential client of the value in a given product or service. That said, selling a product or service isn't always the primary objective. Sometimes the goal is to convince the other party to take an appointment, discontinue a plan of action or even consider an opportunity for partnership. With telesales courses, delegates gain skills in influencing and communication that can be applied to a wide variety of different responsibilities and increase effectiveness for a wide variety of business and sales roles.

Back to basics: Why we sell

Telesales courses also provide valuable insight into various practical sales techniques, why people buy, provide essential tips to establish your very own personal style and the ability to conduct a successful sales call in a professional manner. Following a course in telesales, your staff will perform better and be more cost-effective which will have a huge impact on your companies success.

Communication and Presentation Skills for Telesales Professionals

Telesales professionals can benefit from a number of different professional and interpersonal development skills. Principal among these are communication, influencing and presentation skills. Telesales professionals must be able to accurately describe their product or service in a manner that acknowledges the other parties needs and convinces them of the associated value. Consider searching for courses in verbal communication or negotiation independent of telesales and bring a new perspective to you telephone selling efforts.

General Courses in Sales: From the call center to the board room.

If telesales is the first step (and often second, third and fourth) to building a relationship, then face-to-face interaction is the first step to maintaining that relationship. Consider taking a course in sales or key account management and gain skills that are not only applicable to telesales, but also prepare professionals for next step interactions. Social media courses can also be beneficial in growing your lead generation network.

Sales can sometimes appear to be more of a natural born talent than a skill. A good salesperson looks effortless when pitching a client. The reality is quite different. While confidence and clear communication skills go a long way towards creating an effective seller even the most competent of salesmen are bound by a set of conditions and limitations. In theory, all sales can be classified as serving at least one of three purposes:

  • solving problems
  • satisfying customer needs
  • creating a new need
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