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Management training for Sellers - Getting the most from the sales team

Good sales team management means motivating, supporting and engaging sellers to produce strong sales figures and create great results. No matter how good an individual seller is, it's effective sales management that guides their efforts and ultimately propels the organisation forward. With the right sales management, average sellers become excellent and excellent seller are directed where their efforts can have the most impact.

Leadership Skills for Sales Team Management

Working with a team of sellers requires confidence and clear leadership, guiding activities and accounts without controlling or limiting the sales team. Sales Team Management training courses enable managers to get the balance right, which is the secret to building a high performance sales team. Effective sales management training ensures the relevant skills development.

Successful sales team management requires strong interpersonal skills, good business acumen and a firm but fair hand. Sales management training instructs delegates in tapping into their hidden interpersonal skills through an increase in self-awareness and keen understanding of both verbal and non-verbal communication. The move from seller or account manager to sales team management requires a new skillset and coaching courses can often be beneficial. Good sellers do not necessarily make good managers. Courses in sales management are designed to prepare sales associates in the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to transform a sales team into a dynamic, productive force. The Sales Manager’s role is successful to the extent to which he or she is able to develop a highly skilled and productive sales force. In the end nothing else will matter.

Courses in Sales

A good salesperson looks effortless when pitching a client. As such, sales can sometimes appear to be more of a natural born talent than a skill. The reality, however is quite different. While it is crucial that sellers are confident, clear communicators, the sales process none-the-less involves careful consideration of a set of well-defined principles and limitations. While confidence and clear communication skills go a long way towards creating an effective seller, even the most competent of salesmen are bound by a set of conditions and limitations. In theory, all sales can be classified as serving at least one of three purposes:

  • satisfying customer needs
  • solving problems
  • creating a new need

Each type of sale has its own set of complications, not including industry or company-specific concerns.Effective Sales Managers and Key Account Managers able to navigate these complications, make contact easily and establish good relationships with customers. Devoting resources to sales training programs and short courses can not only develop selling skills that will pay off in the short term, but also build customer service and client relationship skills that will create future opportunities for business profitability.

Training in Key Account ManagementSales Team Management, and Key Account Management training courses

Key Account Management (KAM) is based on a simple rule that 80 percent of an organisation's skills come from 20 percent of it's clients. The cause of this generalised pattern is multi-faceted, resulting from varying client size and proportion of sales and revenue. KAM is, in short, recognises that not all accounts are the same and gives priority to those that are more important to the organisation's overall interests.

KAM is crucial to an organisations ability to effectively tap sources of potentially immense revenue. It is critical to an organisations success or failure and has its origins in business suppliers realising that "not all clients are created equal". No matter whether your a small business owner with a handful of employees or a large multi-national organisation with offices spread far and wide, everyone can benefit from clear KAM strategy. Find training in KAM and learn how to identify and prioritize those clients representing a high proportion of sales and revenue.

Customer Service training and courses

Customer service refers to the service provided to customers before, during and after a purchase is made, to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. Customer service and the way it is delivered is important in ensuring new customers become repeat customers and that existing customers do not defect.

Organisations need to ensure they establish customer service policies that are clearly understood by staff and are supported by the different management levels. The customer service policy should ensure that customers’ expectation levels are well set and are successfully met, over the entire company. Customer service training is vital for all levels of an organisation, from customer facing staff through to management in order to set the right customer service direction for the organisation.

Telesales training and courses

Tele sales training courses and Sales Team Management training coursesCourses for you to better use your phone as a sales tool. As a telemarketer, you must create a trustworthy and professional image over the phone and quickly hear and understand the customers’ needs. It is important to be able to spark customers’ interest, respond to complaints, use query techniques and close sales.