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More about Professional Training Courses in Leeds

Why Leeds?

In a recent survey conducted by Findcourses' media partner, The Independent newspaper, Leeds was ranked first Best UK University Destination. The quality of education services, not only in schools and universities, but also in the context of professional development speaks for the locals' orientation towards lifelong learning.

Leeds is the second largest manufacturing centre outside London and one of the largest engineering centres in the UK. Manufacturing companies based in Leads are primarily SME, independent retailers, which play a key role in the city’s economic life, adding diversity and innovation to a thriving market.

Manufacturing activities in the region, especially engineering, the printing and publishing industry, chemicals and medical technology manufacturing, have maintained a growth trend over the past years. Universities based in Leeds are major contributors to healthcare research and that is why local starburst companies are at the forefront of innovation in medical technology. Leeds is also the third largest media centre of the UK. Leeds-based digital services, cable and wireless network suppliers have expanded their portfolio all over the world.

The Victorian aura of the city, with its walk-through streets and galleries, the Abbey, as well as the modern landmarks make Leeds a popular destination for a relaxing weekend or an extended stay. Development projects in Leeds such as the waterfront construction or the renovation of old buildings in the city centre speak for a bright past and keep the city fresh with a new vision for the future.

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If you want to follow your city's major areas of industry development and take an industry-focused training course in Engineering and technical areas, Findcourses has the solution for you. You can also take the route to a successful career in media, publishing or communication services with the training courses we recommend. Browse the list of open courses delivered in Leeds or bring recognised training providers to Leeds, to deliver in house training for your staff.

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