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What is a Train the Trainer (TTT) Course?

A Train the Trainer (or TTT) course is a training program specially designed for those facilitating or teaching professional training. The courses aim to strengthen your skills as a trainer, keep you current on teaching and learning trends, as well as, improve the delivery of your teaching programs.

Become A Better Instructor with Train the Trainer Courses

Train the trainer courses open doors for a career in the adult learning sector. These courses discuss facilitation methods and best practices in effective knowledge transfer for adults. Jobs are available for trainers both in-house with organisations, in private practice and with training companies.

A career in the lifelong learning sector means that you can make a real difference in the personal development and careers of others. By keeping up with the latest developments in teaching theory and technological aids in TTT courses, professional trainers can ensure that they deliver education that is both of the highest quality and addresses the needs and learning style of each student.

With appropriate and personalized training options, train the trainer courses are designed to enable participants to deliver engaging presentations, connect with any audience and handle unexpected events with charisma and professionalism.

What Will Train the Trainer Courses Teach You?

Training courses allow participants to achieve their full potential when delivering professional courses to different target groups. Course participants will gain fresh insight into the latest teaching methodologies and build confidence in facilitating discussion and group interaction. Train the trainer courses help participants tailor their approaches to different learning processes and practice ways to maintain group attention by delivering stimulating sessions. By attending specialised train the trainer courses, participants can expect to build concrete skills in:

  • Defining training objectives and aims 
  • Planning and designing training content 
  • Identifying psychological and sensory learning styles 
  • Methods for dealing with difficult or resistant trainees
  • Ensure there are no trainee worries about training.
  • The pros and cons of different training approaches
  • Delivering interactive training
  • Communicating in a clear and informative style
  • Facilitative and directive training styles
  • Delivering effective training which meets the required objectives
  • Following up after training

Train the Trainer Courses and Programmes

There is no better way to begin a career as a learning and development professional than to participate in train the trainer courses. As the go-to education for future professional educators, TTT courses are designed to provide insight and skill in the key areas required to teach effectively and efficiently. Typically, such courses have a dual focus on the theoretical aspects of teaching methodology and hands-on application of those concepts. Participants work through a curriculum that is specifically designed to bring out the best of participants’ abilities.

Train the trainer courses are available in the UK in a wide array of specialties to suit the diverse needs of trainers nationwide. Regardless of the nature of the training that each trainer is required to deliver, or the industry in which they specialize, there is a training programme for everyone.

Industries with a high demand for TTT learning and development professionals include:

  • Sales
  • Health & Safety
  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical fields

Are Train the Trainer Courses Right For You?

Train the trainer courses are suitable for new and experienced trainers alike. Due to the high variance of specialties and levels in train the trainer courses, individuals from all industries and of all levels of ability are welcome. A common path of entry into the training industry is via internal appointment. That is, employees who stand out within an organisation as holding the qualities which make an excellent trainer may be selected and recruited to lead in-house training programmes and receive targeted training in teaching competencies. Additionally, train the trainer courses are well-known and popular because they are also suitable for all learning and development professionals that may be privately employed to run workshops or seminars, or self-employed trainers that specialise in certain areas of training.

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