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A' Level Business Studies (Full AS/A2)

eDistance Learning
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Length: 2 years
Price: 393.80 GBP 315.04 GBP
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A' Level Business Studies (Full AS/A2)

eDistance Learning

A' Level Business Studies (Full AS/A2)

A distance learning course is the ideal way to gain an A Level in Business Studies. Whether you're looking to go on to further education, improve your job prospects or expand your knowledge, distance learning A Level in Business Studies is a flexible and convenient course, which allows you to comprehensively prepare for the A Level Business Studies exam through home study. What's more, because the distance learning A' Level Business Studies (Full AS/A2) course is a fully comprehensive course, no prior knowledge is required.

Suitability - Who should attend?

Basic English reading and writing skills, as full tutor support is given.  This course is openly available to anyone wishing to learn more about Business Studies and would like to take part in a highly rewarding home study course. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and study further, so we try to keep our entry requirements to a minimum.

You have the freedom to start the course at any time and continue your studies at your own pace for a period of up to 24 months from initial registration with full tutor support.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

AS/A2 - A level in Business Studies. Both AS and A2 level courses and examinations must be successfully completed to gain a full A level.

Specification: AQA (Full A Level) 2130, AQA (AS) 1131 and AQA (A2) 2131

Training Course Content

The A' Level Business Studies (Full AS/A2) course is divided into four comprehensive units:

Unit 1- Planning and Financing a Business

Starting and Business:
- Enterprise
- Generating and protecting business ideas
- Transforming resources into goods and services
- Developing business plans
- Conducting start up market research
- Understanding markets
- Choosing the right legal structure for the business
- Raising finance
- Locating the business
- Employing people

Financial Planning:
- Calculating costs
- Using Break-even analysis to make decisions
- Using cash flow forecasting
- Setting budgets
- Assessing business start- ups

Unit 2 - Managing a Business

- Using budgets
- Improving cash flow
- Measuring and increasing profit

People in Business:
- Organisational structures
- Measuring the effectiveness of the workforce
- Developing an effective workforce
- Motivating employees

Operations Management:
- Making operational decisions
- Developing quality
- Customer service
- Working with suppliers
- Using technology in operations

Marketing and the Competitive Environment:
- Effective marketing
- Designing the marketing mix
- Marketing mix: product
- Marketing mix: promotion
- Marketing mix: pricing
- Marketing mix: place
- Marketing and competitiveness

Unit 3 - Strategies for Success

Functional Objectives and Strategies:
- Using objectives and strategies

Financial Strategies and Accounts:
- Understanding financial objectives
- Using financial data to measure and assess performance
- Interpreting accounts
- Selecting financial strategies
- Making investment decisions

Marketing Strategies:
- Understanding marketing objectives
- Analysing markets
- Selecting marketing strategies
- Developing marketing plans

Operational Strategies:
- Understanding operational objectives
- Operational strategies: scale and resource
- Operational strategies: innovation
- Operational strategies: location
- Operational strategies: lean production

Human Resource Strategies:
- HR objectives and strategies
- Developing and implementing workforce plans
- Competitive organisational structures
- Effective employee/employer relations

Unit 4 - The Business Environment and Managing Change

Corporate aims and objectives:
- Mission, Aims and Objectives

Changes in the Business Environment:
- Businesses and economics
- Businesses and the political and legal environment
- Businesses and the social environment
- Businesses and the technological environment
- Businesses and the competitive environment

Managing Change:
- Internal causes of change
- Planning for change
- Key influences on change
- Making strategic decisions
- Implementing and managing change"


The enrolment fee for the A' Level Business Studies (Full AS/A2) course is £393,75(incl. VAT), though for a limited time we are offering you the opportunity to pay only £315,0(incl. VAT) which is a 20% discount if you enrol online and pay in full.

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