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The Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) is an internationally operating non-profit organization based in Germany (Potsdam) and South Africa (Cape Town). It was founded 2005 and is an independent initiative supporting stakeholders from the private sector, the public sector, and civil society in creating and implementing collaborative change initiatives for innovative and sustainable solutions to global, local, and societal challenges.

Our vision is to empower future-oriented people to lead collectively towards a sustainable future. Sustainability is a truly global issue. How well we meet that challenge, success and failure in moving towards a more sustainable way of living, affects everybody. We believe in the principle of cooperation and collectively created solutions – across sectors, institutions, nations, and cultures.

With our Executive Education, our Integrated Capacity Development, our Community Building, and our Research, we build competence for sustainability. We empower leaders who anchor their action in the concern for the greater good and the future of humankind on this planet - for responsible business, people-oriented public service, and a strong civil society.

  • We build a global community for change by activating networks and fostering mutual support among change agents.
  • We empower people globally to use our methodology of dialogic change and collective leadership for sustainability.


Founded in 2005 with offices in Germany, South Africa and the United States, the Collective Leadership Institute is an international non-profit organisation with the mission to scale up collaboration skills for a sustainable future. Our capacity building approach empowers people and organisations to address sustainability challenges successfully with a focus on high quality stakeholder collaboration, dialogic change and collective leadership.

With our sound experience and in-depth knowledge we support Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues (MSD), Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Cross-Sector-Partnerships, Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) and Collaborative Change Management. Our conceptual and practical experience in making large systems stakeholder collaboration work includes amongst others initiatives such as dialogue and collaboration structures for improved water and natural resources management, stakeholder collaboration in climate change responsibility, responsible supply chain initiatives, or multiple local, regional and international action networks.

Thanks to our proven methodologies, excellent reputation and achieved impact, the Collective Leadership Institute is one of the world’s leading mission-driven organisations in the field of making collaboration for sustainability work.More than 2000 alumni of our programmes being professionally active in more than 100 countries, as well as more than 25 successfully supported projects showcase our experience in helping to shift multi-actor collaboration to deli-ver tangible results in change initiatives.


All our open courses can also be adapted to your specific context and challenges in a tailor made format. This tailored approach is especially impactful for diverse teams of issue-based stakeholders seeking to shift their environ-mental, social and/or economic reality toward a shared vision of the future.


Join our community for dialogue and collaboration to stay up-to-date, learn online, use our toolbox, and exchange best practices with others.

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Business & Management Length Price Location Reviews
The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 4 days 1,650 EUR Multiple (3)
Change Management
The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 2 4 days 1,500 EUR Berlin
The Art of leading Collectively 3 days 1,650 EUR Berlin

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Collective Leadership Institute

Eisenhartstraße 2
14469 Berlin

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Reviews by course attendees

Annette Ruef   |   28/04/2014
As dialogic facilitation is rather a new field for me, all content aspects were very helpful. I especially appreciate the conceptual content on how to set up a dialogue/how to make it work with the different phases etc.
Dave Bond   |   28/04/2014
Although I have a number of years of dialogue facilitation and training experience, this program took my awareness, skills and confidence to another level and improved my ability to take on great levels of complexity. The Collective Leadership Institute has brought together a spirit of inquiry, development and collaboration which honours the bes...
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